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mastercraft17 04-21-2004 5:39 PM

We went out this past sunday in the river....It was a little cold but the wetsuites kept us warm......Anybody else go out?????

gpalovcak 04-21-2004 7:27 PM

Not me, the boat is still winterized.

laceyp 04-21-2004 11:10 PM

Where do you wakeboard in New Jersey?

mango 04-22-2004 7:32 AM

I'm hoping to get the boat out in May. I wakeboard at Lake Hopatcong.

laceyp 04-22-2004 9:47 AM

What part of NJ is Lake Hopatcong?

eustace 04-22-2004 12:26 PM

Iím about two weeks out until I start getting the boat ready. <BR> <BR>Chris, where did you go out of?. I swung by the Trenton ramp last Sunday to see if the docks where in but they werenít. You have to think they will be in within the next few weeks. <BR> <BR>E <BR>

grenade 04-22-2004 12:32 PM

I'm riding this weekend up on Long Island...shouldn't be too bad

mastercraft17 04-22-2004 4:52 PM

Eustace, We put in at the free ramp in Milford,The water was higher than usuall so it was easy to put in. But now that i went boarding i'm going nuts<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

nj_alex 04-22-2004 5:36 PM

I cut the shrink wrap off last weekend, I'll be painting the bottom, charging the battery and prepping the swim deck this weekend, and, weather permitting, I hope to launch and board next weekend. After that I hope to board EVERY weekend as tide and weather permit.

eustace 04-23-2004 1:22 PM

Here is a link to tide charts for the Delaware river. Thought it may be useful. <BR> <BR>E <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.tides.info/?command=view&amp;location=Trenton%2C%2BDelaware%2 BRiver%2C%2BNew%2BJersey" target="_blank">http://www.tides.info/?command=view&amp;location=Trenton%2C+Delaware+Riv er%2C+New+Jersey</a>

chrispy1 04-26-2004 6:30 PM

we have had the boat out twice , but the water was foot numbingly cold so we never went boarding. this past weekend we helped a friend launch his boat and the water seemed like it would be boardable

summerryder 04-26-2004 8:01 PM

Yeah Jersey crew! Good to hear there are some diehards getting out there already. A few of the Schukill riders have been hitting it already as well. I was down in Orlando last weekend and got a set in out on Pickett- and I was incredibly rusty! My body was sore for two solid days. <BR>Alex, I promise to get down to ride with you early in the season. I have my whole schedule for the season so I can plan accordingly. Hopefully I'll hook up with more people on this list this summer. <BR> <BR>JB

teamvaldez 04-26-2004 8:27 PM

Hey JB!!!! Does any of that open schedule include a visit to So Cal?? Would love to see you out on the backwater. Or are you coming out for the golf tournament? Come out early for the wakesports contest! Hope to see you soon hugs, robyn

wakescene 04-26-2004 8:38 PM

you guys all suck!!! I have been harboring a busted leg and physical therapy since last July. Now this past week I got the pins removed from my leg and I am out another 6-8 weeks till the holes fill in!!! <BR> <BR>Honestly I am not really bent just playin, I will be out on the water sometime in mid-June, but the boat goes in teh water May 15th so the outlook is good!!! <BR> <BR>

nj_alex 04-27-2004 5:54 PM

Oh yeah! JB AND KG checkin' in on the same thread! Eeeee-haaa! <BR>So far I'm on schedule for a Sunday May 2, launch. Whether permitting, of course. I'm hoping to scrape the Winter rust off of my skills before Memorial Day Weekend? Why? Well, I'm hosting a family barbecue at my Manahawkin shore house, and if the weather's nice, I'm thinking about renting a pontoon boat so I can take the pontoon, the Super Air and some family members out on the water for some family wakeboarding! If you guys want to come over for some potato salad and some cold salt water boarding, just let me know! I've been pumping iron, dieting and hitting the treadmill pretty faithfully since January. Hopefully my old body won't be too sore after that first day out. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

mango 04-28-2004 7:50 AM

JEFF - TOO BAD YOUR A FLYERS FAN, I don't think we would get a long. haha <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

summerryder 04-28-2004 9:02 AM

Yeah Alex! FOr us older guys, it takes a little longer for the rust to come off. I found that crashing and burning on a hoochie glide is a quick way to jar the rust loose, but it also left me in pain for days afterward! <BR>Mango, I guess your a Devils fan? I gotta get a wake photo in my profile, but that's the one I threw in when I made my profile. The Devils got theirs (twice) so I'm hoping we get ours. <BR>Robyn, I will not be getting out for the golf tournament this year. I don't want Corey throwing spikes at me again! Actually, I am travelling like crazy around that time so I am taking the day to be home with the family. I will, however, be down for the second wkae tournment in San Diego July 25th. <BR>I am back down in Orlando this weekend, then Austin the next, but Alex, if you're riding any other weekend in May before Memorial Day, I'll take a ay trip down to visit you guy guys for some frosty riding. Hopefully I'll have my riding act together by then! <BR>Chris, do you ever ride during the week? Let me know if you ever need a third. I am on time and always bring gas! <BR> <BR>JB

nj_alex 04-28-2004 8:17 PM

Ok JB. Just as soon as I get the cruiser back in the water I'll email you my hopeful May riding schedule.

mastercraft17 04-28-2004 8:24 PM

Mango, You ever board with the kids who's dad owns the malibu dealer on the lake??

mango 04-29-2004 7:20 AM

yeah the devil's sucked this year, Losing Scott Stevens was a drag. <BR>Chris - never boarded with them, have you?

rogione 04-29-2004 8:58 AM

Hi guys, <BR> <BR>I'm looking for a place to ride. <BR>Could you tell me where I could go? <BR> <BR>Bye

mastercraft17 04-29-2004 7:11 PM

Na I haven't, I met them at the atlantic city boat show and they game me there number to board with them this season......Just wondered if you ever went our with them.

wakenyc 05-03-2004 12:04 AM

Im almost ready to go. I'm gonna try greenwood lake this summer. Anyone ride up there?

chrispy1 05-03-2004 10:14 AM

did i win the first to board on the Delaware this season award? May 2.

mastercraft17 05-03-2004 5:55 PM

Na man i beat you by far.....april 18

wakenyc 05-03-2004 7:26 PM

Are there any wakeboard schools in NJ?

chrispy1 05-04-2004 6:47 PM

dam man you housed me. but was yours wetsuited? I rode in shorts and vest only <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

mastercraft17 05-04-2004 8:19 PM

yeah, I used a wetsuite...

eustace 05-05-2004 1:12 PM

The docks at the Trenton ramp where in as of late last week. I should be able to start getting the boat ready this weekend or next at the very latest. The 16th is my target date to get it out on} the water.

bwood 05-05-2004 4:31 PM

You might see me out by the power plant sat or sun, Except I'll be wearing a wetsuit chris. The boat only has one hour on it but the dealer say's it's ok to ride if I want. When your ready for a pull let me know.

shadybetz55 05-06-2004 5:50 PM

i'm so excited to see all these new jersey boarders!!! i am so ready to go. if anyone needs 3rds let me know...will pay for gas, food, help clean up, whatever!!!

nj_alex 05-06-2004 8:58 PM

Well, if all goes as planned the boat, and me, will be back in the water this weekend. If it goes well perhaps I'll post some pictures. <BR> <BR>Ride hard fellow New Jerseyans! <BR> <BR>Hey JB: Just let me know when you want to make the trip.

mango 05-11-2004 12:48 PM

I should be out there riding today but im sure the water is still cold. <BR> <BR>THE WEATHER IN NJ TODAY IS 86į <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

bwood 05-11-2004 7:28 PM

My boat was showing the water at 70 by the power plant, it was nice with a wetsuit. I hate cold water.

nj_alex 05-11-2004 8:07 PM

The boat's back in the water, but we didn't ride. We're doing home improvment and we're trying to get everying done before Memorial Day Weekend becaue we're hosting a big family barbecue. Thus, the boat's in, the weather's warm and I'm not sure when I'm going to get to board again. I dying...

gpalovcak 05-24-2004 4:16 PM

We finally got the boat out. Water temps were good so we didn't need a wetsuit. A little rusty but the skills are coming back.

eustace 05-25-2004 6:30 AM

Sunday was our fist run also; it was a good showing of wake boats on the river this weekend. <BR> <BR>Woody is that your Black Malibu with the swoop tower? (Nice!) <BR> <BR>E

bwood 05-25-2004 7:03 PM

Yeah, it's like a dream come true the boat is awesome. We were out after work today and the water was 78.

sarrah 06-03-2004 6:34 PM

Hey Everyone!! Hows everyone doing!?

nj_alex 06-03-2004 7:56 PM

Hey Sarah: We're going out this Saturday at around 10:00am if you want to come along. It will be our first time out this season. Let us know!

sarrah 06-08-2004 7:05 PM

Working <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0> gahh haha no more shoprite tho im working at the lovly Ron Jons Surf shop so ill be close haha

nj_alex 06-08-2004 8:35 PM

Sarah: We're going out super early this Sunday; around 6:00 or 7:00am. Let us know if you want to go.

mango 06-23-2004 9:21 AM

I'll be at LBI this weekend! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

nj_alex 06-23-2004 9:04 PM

If you're on LBI go to Island Surf &amp; Sail in Brant Beach <a href="http://www.islandsurf-sail.com" target="_blank">www.islandsurf-sail.com</a> and check the place out. The people there are wakeboarders and kiteboarders and pretty cool. I'll probably be hanging around there around noon or 1:00pm on Saturday. If you're there and I'm not there you can have them call me! We're hoping to board around 3:00pm but we still haven't confirmed a third, though there are several nibbles. JB was supposed to come out with us this weekend, but I don't think he's returned yet from what ever roadtrip he's currently on.

mango 06-24-2004 7:35 AM

yeah i've heard of that place. i will have to check it out sometime but not this weekend mang <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

nj_alex 06-24-2004 5:17 PM

Too bad. We still need a third for Saturday afternoon.

ewake 06-25-2004 8:20 AM

<b><font color="000000"> My husband and I have been wakeboarding on Lake Mohawk for almost three yers now -any other wakeboarders ride on Lake Mohawk? <BR></font></b>

mango 06-29-2004 7:54 AM

Where is everyone going to be from New Jersey on the 4th of July? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

nj_alex 06-30-2004 8:36 PM

We'll be out riding in Turtle Cove Saturday morning, Sunday morning and hopefully Monday morning too. If anyone's on Long Beach Island this weekend check-in at Island Surf &amp; Sail. Shana there knows how to get a hold of me. That's if she isn't already out on the boat with us! <BR>Last weekend we took-out a couple from manhattan who found us here on Wakeworld. Here's a picture of us being "Men." Uh, I'm the bald goof on the left! <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/176906.jpg" alt="The Men">

bwood 07-01-2004 4:29 AM

That's cool.

mango 07-07-2004 8:04 AM

how was everyone's 4th of july in New Jersey? <BR> <BR>I was at Lake Hopatcong watching the fireworks over the lake. I'm glad i didn't have to use the boat ramp afterwords it looked packed.

nj_alex 07-07-2004 8:31 PM

Our July 4th weekend was good. <BR>We boarded July 3rd, 4th and 5th. <BR>The tide is only going to allow us to go out once this coming weekend: 3:00pm on Saturday, and we're still shopping for a third.

eustace 07-09-2004 6:59 AM

On Saturday the 3rd we went out on our friends Fountain, left out of Linden Ave. in NE Philly and went down to Chesapeake City MD, for lunch . Sunday we ran our boat out of Trenton with our son, nieces and nephew. It was a perfect weekend! <BR> <BR>We will be out this Sunday around noon. <BR> <BR>Have a good weekend allÖ. <BR> <BR>E. <BR>

bwood 07-09-2004 7:39 PM

I might see you out their. I think I'll head out around 9:30.

gpalovcak 07-10-2004 8:04 PM

We are going out around 9 so we might see you guys. I noticed Eustace you had the wakesurf board out the last time we saw you. How is that going? We have problems getting the wake correct. I guess it just takes practice.

mango 07-12-2004 8:36 AM

I was at the AVP Belmar Open (PRO Volleyball) all this weekend. It was a blast! Anyone else go?

eustace 07-14-2004 6:07 AM

George, I'm doing so so with it, longest rides seem to be about a minute or so. I need to run a bunch more ballast to get it right Iím sure. <BR> <BR>How are you guys doing, I havenít seen you out there much this year? <BR> <BR>E <BR>

gpalovcak 07-14-2004 9:01 AM

We went out Sunday it was crazy with traffic. We try to stay more south unless it is windy then we head up by the electric plant. We discovered with the wakesurf board that you really need to push down on your front leg. After doing this we were able to ride pretty good.

sarrah 07-22-2004 11:11 PM

dont know if you guys ever watch the local channel 21 for the island but my friend dave, greg and a few others did a little thing on wakeboarding its airing all this week check it out there funny kids

nj_alex 07-26-2004 8:43 PM

I was flipping though channels on Sunday Sarah and I caught the tail end of it! It looked like a home-made version of Shaun Murray's Detention. Where did they shoot it?

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