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03-18-2002 1:43 PM

hi everyone, ive known how to ride for like 4 years, but i basically just started riding like 6 months ago, i could barely do w2w. now i can stick my tantrum probobly 95% and i can do a h/s f/s 360, backroll, and tried a few raleys...but they hurt sooo much. anyways i want to start trying a whirlybird, cuase it looks sooo kick ass, and it would make my skill level look so much higher. i just wanted a few tips on the right way to do it. i have heard something about throwing your arm in front of your face like an uppercut. thanks. peace

03-20-2002 12:56 PM

apparently its all in the punch.....

if you can actually call that one 03-20-2002 2:10 PM

thanks for the tip (if you can actually call that one)

03-20-2002 7:13 PM

Dan, there's a more detailed description along with some video on the Wakeboarding Magazine site. Check this link and hopefully it'll answer your question. <BR> <BR><A HREF="http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/WK_Main/1%2C2041%2C6-1-1-1008788-151-123%2CFF.html" TARGET="_top">http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/WK_Main/1,2041,6-1-1-1008788-151-123,FF.html</A> <BR> <BR>Let us know if you learn the trick... <BR> <BR>-Bill

03-21-2002 5:07 AM

thanks for the site. i want to start trying, but the boat is having some trouble, so it might be a week or so. for me inverts usually i get right away on the rotation, but i have trouble landing and riding away. normally i land fine and handle pops out, but my tantrum is really good, so i think i can do this. ill keep you informed. peace

04-24-2002 11:27 PM

dan i have a tip for your raley to avoid getting hurt......think of pulling the handle down towards your knees/feet area after you get layed out, that will help get the board under your feet even if your not gonna make it, you will crash in a ball insted of having the edge of your board dig into the water, slamming you so hard that your spine streches a couple inches. check my profile for my tweeked out raley. just to be clear, even if your gonna land it think of pulling the handle towards youe shin area good-luck

04-24-2002 11:29 PM

oh wait, that pic is an s-bend

05-05-2002 7:25 PM

if that is an S-bend, then i am parks bonifay

05-06-2002 1:58 PM

Kyle, <BR> <BR>if you are 16, then i am matt hensley

05-16-2002 6:29 PM

how would i not be 16

matthew 06-28-2002 10:46 PM

Here's my S-Bend(compare to Scott's)....Looks a little different I'd say.....?!&amp; <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/26503.jpg" alt="Sbend"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/26504.jpg" alt="">

wakeboard_joe 07-29-2002 8:58 PM

how long does it take to land these tantrums and whirleys and s bends? i've been riding for years and feel i'll never be able to do any of these. oh well i try

matthew 07-30-2002 12:24 PM

I'm very fortunate to be able to ride with some really good riders here in Texas. They have helped me tremendously on learning some new tricks and progressing. I think it also helps that I get to ride 3, sometimes 4 times a week. Thats alot of practice. I have all the videos out there and slow-mo them and study all the mechanics of each trick. This is my one and only hobby, so I'm able to pour alot of time and energy into to get better.

dok74 09-03-2002 1:31 PM

Hello, I am new to this sport and have been trying to get better quicker. I live in Richardson and noticed that you ride in lavon. I ride there about every weekend now. I have begun doing tantrums but not landed any yet. I pretty much get all the way around. I just need to hold on to the rope and land it.

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