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03-08-2002 7:49 AM

when i go to jump the wake should i bend my knees or stay straight up.When i go to jump the wake i bend my knees is that right

03-08-2002 2:53 PM

Chris, check out this article and it should answer your question as well as provide some other tips to help you progress <BR> <BR><A HREF="http://wakeworld.com/Articles/2001/Basics.asp" TARGET="_top">http://wakeworld.com/Articles/2001/Basics.asp</A> <BR> <BR>-Bill

03-08-2002 2:56 PM

Also, check out the "wake to wake" thread that's active on this topic right now.

03-08-2002 3:44 PM

yo man thanks alot that said everything .where are you guys from.let me guess california.

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