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I think a couple red bulls or something oughta do the trick, hopefully 03-04-2002 9:37 PM

I'm gonna be trying this soon-as soon as i get over "the wuss factor"(I think a couple red bulls or something oughta do the trick, hopefully), and Im pretty sure I got the idea down, except for what to do with my head. I ride regular and Im doin it heelside. Should I try to touch my LEFT ear to my left shoulder, or do i do it with my right ear? Also, any other tips would help i guess, except for all the normal stuff thats already on here like 2000 times - hands in, etc. Thanks guys!

03-05-2002 5:48 AM

neither... <BR> <BR>Progressive edge building it very strong at the wake <BR>Edge through the wake. <BR>POP <BR>Put your chin on your left shoulder <BR>Keep you eyes open and look for the water <BR>Spot your landing <BR> <BR>That should do it. <BR> <BR>Jason

03-05-2002 9:42 AM

Thanks Jason. I just read what I said- I was really tired last night. I dont know what I was thinkin with the ear, I meant chin/head in general. Thanks a lot tho!

(lunker) on Thursday, Ma 03-21-2002 5:44 PM

You may want to try touching your right ear to your left shoulder... <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)">

sergecalderara 06-16-2002 5:33 AM

Dear all, <BR>I try many time the back side backroll which is one of the basis trick, each time I do it I plan for a pretty fall and the nose of my board get down in the water, I guess not enough speed or high , any ideas cause now I start to be afrain on lunching it....

frewster 06-16-2002 9:10 PM

Kevin, aside form the basics, and the instructions that you get from the magazines and videos, I have found the tip that helped me the most is that you have to set the roll. While you are edging up the wake (about 2 ft. from the top), really drive your board away from the boat. Do this, look up over your left shoulder, and keep the handle in at your lead (left) hip (not centered at the waist, this will help keep the board from going to revert). <BR>Calderara, Hold your edge all the way through the top of the wake, and stand tall (bend the knees, not the hips). Good luck guys.

wakekid14 06-20-2002 9:10 AM

I'm working on a backroll right now, the main thing is don't wimpout on the cut, make sure you get some altidute, that way you can finish the rotaion and spot your landing..o yeah..PRACTICE IT ON A WAKESKATE, go 17-18 and practice take off and handle orientation(the first couple times dont hurt that bad without board attached to your feet). If you are not getting close at all on your attempts with a board, just try it on the wake skate...

aquaholic 06-21-2002 4:44 AM

One thing also, WAIT, don't throw it too early. Make sure you pop then turn your head. Here's a couple sloppy examples.<br> <BR><a href=""> Backroll</a><br> <BR><a href=""> Backroll</a>

obrienride16 06-28-2002 11:30 AM

anyone have any tips on riding away with this trick, i started them today, landed the 2nd one, but it just seems to slide out everytime for me, anyone know how to prevent this??? ive got the rotation down fine, but the landing is the hard part for me.

frewster 06-29-2002 4:13 PM

David, if you are sliding out, or butt checking, you probably should stand taller at the wake. Bend your knees, but don't break at the waist. Also make sure that you have got the handle orentated to your lead hip. Ride on - Jeff

obrienride16 06-29-2002 4:23 PM

jeff, im standing tall, so i think i need to bring the handle to my front hip more, it seems like i have it in close, but more centered between the front and back, i'll give that a shot. <BR>thanks man

gordon523 07-04-2002 10:30 PM

david~ <BR> it sounds like you could be over rotating them to me. if you are landing and then the tail is sliding out then you are. this can be prevented easly by when you come around as so as you spot your landing try letting go with your back hand it will slow you down so you don't slip out it may take a bit to get the timeing down of when exactly you should let go

larsfh 07-23-2002 12:47 PM

Let me summerize the whole trick, I have been trying to do the back roll lately, but have so far been pretty much unsuccessful. <BR> <BR>1. Progressive edge towards the wake. <BR>2. Edge all the way into the wake, and pop. <BR>3. Pull the handle to your front hip, and look over your left shoulder. <BR>4. Landing should be a walk in the park if the trick is done correctly. <BR> <BR>Am I correct? <BR>I didn't know I needed to edge all that much. I also throw myself backwards, this is not neccessary? Will the handle and wake rotate me without me doing anything to rotate? <BR> <BR>I really wish I could do this trick.

boarder4life 07-23-2002 1:53 PM

the main thing is the cut, take a progressive cut and the hardest part of your cut should be at the top of the wake

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