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02-28-2002 9:47 AM

Board: <BR> <BR>- Anyone have any tips, info, advice on a toe side invert to try? <BR> <BR>- Which one do you start with , which one is the easiest? thnx in advance <BR> <BR> <BR>-= peace =- <BR>Aaron

Neal (aneal000) on Thurs 02-28-2002 1:08 PM

TS back roll... <BR> <BR>or SC is cool/easy <BR> <BR>The Scarcrow is a easy trick to do TS since you end up landing open to the boat, you can also do the trick with both hands on the rope the whole time. It is also a great begining to CrowMobe, CrowMode5! <BR> <BR>1) start fairly wide on your TS, progressively edgeing toward the wake. <BR>2) as you approach the wake edge all the way up and through the wake, standing tall, staying on edge, 60% of your weight on your fornt foot. <BR> <BR>This trick is similiar to doing a cartwheel on the ground, but you add a 180, actually the boat pulls you around naturally. <BR> <BR>3) as you come off the wake think about letting the top of your body go forward, almost as if your board was stopped by the wake. You would naturally put your hands out in front of you similar to the cartwheel mentioned above. as you leave the wake it will pop the board up and around. all you have to do is hang on. <BR>4) this one is kinda hard to spot the landing, but the board really gets thrown into place. <BR> <BR>Hold on with both hands and you will naturally come around. Let go with your rear hand and you will do a front roll. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps. Good luck. <BR>Tony

02-28-2002 2:35 PM

THNX a bunch bro - <BR> <BR>Greatly appreciatte the information an even more the detailz. Have a kick a$$ 2002! <BR> <BR>-= peace =- <BR>Aaron

03-09-2002 12:01 AM

I need help on my t/s back roll.......i allways over rotate and land on my butt. any suggestions?

03-09-2002 12:05 AM

how much more diffucult it the scarcrow than then the t/s back roll>

not the prettiest crow ever because I typically under-rotate a bit and have to butt-check up 03-09-2002 10:07 AM

Matt, <BR> <BR>I think most find a scarecrow easier than a t/s back roll. I can do a crow most of the time (not the prettiest crow ever because I typically under-rotate a bit and have to butt-check up) but have never landed a t/s backroll (I've landed the t/s roll-to-rev a few times when I've been trying a t/s backroll!!).

03-12-2002 12:00 PM

The T/S roll to revert is easier that T/S roll since you can hang on with both hands the hole time and you land open to the boat. As far as comparing T/S roll to scarecrow, I would say they are both about the same level. It really depends on how well you visualize each and how easy it is for you to take to the water. If you are having difficulty with a T/S back roll try taking the trick up higher, this does not mean cut in harder, it means a more progressive approach, and letting off your edge as you ride up the wake. Then throw the trick. If you are still overrotating then try not being so aggressive on the "throwing" part. Also remember to keep your hand down low and close to your front hip during the landing. If you are stretched out at landing it will be very easy for you to be pulled over or bounce out. Hope this helps! Good luck! <BR>Tony

03-13-2002 4:18 PM

would a toeside frontflip be done just like a tantrum, like hitting the wake, and quickly changing board direction? cause i think that would be pretty easy

03-14-2002 9:51 AM


scarecrow 04-17-2002 4:13 PM

try a toeside backroll (scarecrow)

04-17-2002 5:18 PM

a ts backroll is not a scarecrow. a scarecrow is a ts frontroll w/a 180

when you first learn it 04-24-2002 10:17 PM

my first toeside invert was a scarecrow, try coming up short on a t/s backroll and you will dig that front edge right into the wake and bite it pretty hard, but a toeside roll, you throw it big and if your gonna crash (when you first learn it) you usually slide out on your but because most are under rotated..........i have an idea..try them both, good luck

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