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02-19-2002 8:00 PM

I have never got the "spot the landing" thing. <BR> <BR>I can do a couple inverts at about 75% of the time but I never know where I am and when I will hit the water. I can't remember ever "spoting the landing" on anything but a basic grab. <BR> <BR>What am I missing?

and keeping your eyes open of course 02-20-2002 10:14 AM

It's all about your head positioning (and keeping your eyes open of course). I don't always spot the landing on my backroll. Sometimes I really concentrate on keeping my head turned over my front shoulder and I can spot it. I probably landed over 30 or so backrolls before I ever "spotted the landing". Just keep working at it.

03-15-2002 10:32 AM

i dont spot the landing on anything, hs/fs 360, rolls, crows, 5's.. <BR> <BR>i dunno i just can't do it

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