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01-16-2002 10:29 PM

Ask how to do a trick and I will give the answer

01-17-2002 6:55 AM

Crow Mobe? J/K

01-17-2002 4:58 PM

indy temper tantrum to blind

01-24-2002 12:19 PM

I'd like to know how Brian Grubb is doing a Scare crow on one.

01-26-2002 7:21 PM

He's not, that's how

01-26-2002 8:41 PM

Tell that to Gerry Nunn. He is the one that told me.

01-27-2002 2:08 AM

No grab toeside raley

01-27-2002 6:07 PM

In order to do the no grab toeside raley, you put suction cups on your shoes, and tie your shoes really tightly, then bite your lip and give hell.

01-28-2002 1:53 PM

Seems as though Gerry Nunn is playing tricks!

01-28-2002 2:40 PM

Mr. Waker. Since there are basically three tricks that any of us worldly people would be attempting, why don't you just run them down for us? Kickflip, Shuvit, KickflipShuvit. Sounds reasonable, right?

kickflipShuvit 01-28-2002 2:56 PM

You mean a varial (kickflipShuvit) Dave? What about body varial, 360 shuvit, frontside shuvit; I can think of more, but we'll leave it at that. Oh, has anyone seen anyone do a heelflip on a wakeskate? That would be sweet...

01-28-2002 3:30 PM

Why would you think an invert can't be done? It is being done easily on a skateboard by many pros. What would be the difference? If you really think about it, it doesn't seem that hard. Just hit the wake toeside, grab indy, drop rear shoulder, and roll.

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