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01-03-2002 4:34 PM

what is the easiest way to do a 360? at the moment i'm coming in to the wake toeside, then when i'm in the air spinning frontside. I'm having a bit of trouble with them. so any help much appreciated. Thanks

better feel for handle during the pass 01-03-2002 4:44 PM

Jai, <BR> <BR>This is what worked for me, hopefully it will be helpful for you. <BR> <BR>1. Ride without gloves (better feel for handle during the pass) <BR>2. Pull about 10-15 out from the wake on your backside <BR>3. Hold a good edge all the way through the wake <BR>4. Wait for the POP. <BR>5. Then, Turn your head away from the boat <BR>6. Pass the handle behind your back <BR>7. Spot the boat(for your landing) <BR>8. Land with equal weight distribution <BR> <BR>Rotate counter-clockwise if riding regular. <BR>Rotate clockwise if goofy <BR> <BR>Commitment is key. <BR> <BR>Good luck...

01-04-2002 2:13 AM

thanks heaps.........i'll give it a go

keep it close to your back 01-08-2002 2:32 PM

come into the wake easy, pop up, suck up your knees, pull the handle to your back hip (keep it close to your back), grab melon/nose/method, with your front hand, then let go pass the handle and land.. <BR> <BR>piece of cake

01-11-2002 10:14 AM

so backside is easier than heelside? I have been doing it heelside....

01-11-2002 10:30 AM

backside and heelside are completely different things... heelside and toeside refers to the way you are coming into the wake... frontside and backside refers to spinning... frontside is when you bring the handle to your back hip first when spinning­... so you're facing the boat first... and backside is when you pass the handle into your back, turning your head away from the boat first... <BR>frontside spins are easier to start with... but go with the one you feel more confortable with...

04-17-2002 4:20 AM

I learnt my 360 off the double up. It gave me time to get it right. pull in with both hands first till your at max height before passing the handle. The key if leave it quite late i think and i even found putting a shift in it forced me to spin it late. <BR>andrew

04-17-2002 8:16 AM

i go for a regular w2w jump, cause it helps if you land on the downslope. i think the key is when you start to throw it. i would always try to pass the handle too early and get off axis. now all i do is wait a sec in the air then spin. once you get it, you will realize how easy it is. peace

05-21-2002 8:04 AM

landed a clean one this weekend.....they key for me was not to hesitate and get the good vertical pop....giving me enough air and time to get all the way around! yahoooo! not too bad for a chick huh?

bambamski 06-04-2002 7:44 AM

When I look at pictures or video of people pulling a 360 they always seem to creat some slack in the line. It looks as though it would be easier to get the handle pass if the line wasn't as tight in the air. Anyone know how to create the slack? I tried last year and I could never get the handle pass and would make it around half way catch the back edge and head slam. Those ones hurt.

suprarider 06-04-2002 8:05 AM

Pat- <BR>What I always do is say to myself "wake jump" as I am approaching the wake, that makes me jump first, spin late. Cut like you are going to jump wake to wake but flatten out a little and pull the handle to your stomach, that will give you the slack to make a smooth handle pass without getting off axis, plus keep your head up. It works for me.

sergecalderara 06-16-2002 6:28 AM

dear all, <BR>I try many times 360 but I am always benn pull out by the boat and fall , what I am doinf wrong??

jmccallum 07-31-2002 8:51 AM

I'm working my way up to this doing wake to wake heelside. But when I'm airborne the pull from the boat is so hard I'm afraid to pass the handle. <BR> <BR>What am I doing wrong?

eyesman 07-31-2002 9:07 AM

James, <BR> <BR>Answer: You are not pulling the handle to your rear hip to buy yourself time to spin. <BR> <BR>As you approach the wake kind of hunch over a little to get the handle farther away from you (as done for every trick by "higher education" riders in the video) then as you pop off the wake <BR>pull that handle into your trailing hip. This will take some tension off the line and also initiate the spin. After this, pick up on step 5 of the second post in this discussion. <BR> <BR>Dave

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