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12-27-2001 11:21 AM

is any one else as antsy as i am to get back in the water to do some boarding??????

12-27-2001 2:10 PM

ohhhh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-28-2001 12:46 PM

The two of you are from California and Texas, you should both still be boarding. I rode last weekend in California at Anderson and didn't even need a wetsuit. Carrie, you have no excuse except for the rain this week otherwise you should be on the water.

12-28-2001 2:10 PM

well down here in the great state of texas it is cold as a b!@#h. the water is cold. the air is cold. to sum it up, we are experiencing some nasty wakeboarding conditions. although there are some power plant lakes, we can't semm to catch a break in the rain. ok ok enough of me crying over not being able to board. so for those of you who are getting to board enjoy it for me please.

cheese 01-02-2002 2:39 PM

It is real cold up here in ont. canada and I can`t wait to get back out on the water. Lifting some weights, bouncing on the tramp and watching the occasional video. What r u guys and girls doing to stay in shape for the no were in sight summer nights ( cheese ) jonesing bad will try any of your ideas......

01-02-2002 5:11 PM

how many months a year is the off season for northen hemi riders ?? down in aus we board all year round. although in winter we have to wear a wetsuit it still isn't bad at all. i feel sorry for u guys/girls!!!!!!

han Ng (ngthing) on Tues 04-09-2002 2:29 PM

I just rode in 7'C water with two wetsuits....now THAT was a fun <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)">

04-09-2002 5:06 PM

i have no offseason her in Orlando either. in winter i just wear a wetsuit. Only the REALLY COLD day i don't board, cause getting sick will put you out longer than the weather here. Hope it warms up for all you guys/girls. Peace

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