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11-04-2001 10:44 AM

i've been riding for like 3 yrs now and am able to do surface 180s, and managed to pull off 1 air 180 this summer. once i'm in switchstance, i have a lot of trouble staying like that. i usually end up inhaling half the lake. does anyone have any suggestions on riding switch? does anyone have any ideas of doing air 180s and somping them/ greatly appriciate it. <BR><A HREF="mailto:h@rmony">h@rmony</A>

11-04-2001 5:06 PM

well, the key to riding switch is relaxation, just try to relax bend both knees equally, and relax. for 180's the easiest is toeside, a ts 180: hit the wake, wait for your pop, while in the air if you are left foot forward, poot the rope into your right hip and drop your back hand, which will end up being your left hand, if you are right foot forward just do that oppositely. for a h/s 180: you want to again pull the handle to your right hip drop your back hand, put wait on your toes!!!! i found that if you try to spin 200 degrees it will be easier for you because this allows your fins to catch, good luck!

11-05-2001 5:47 PM

Get up switch and ride around switch for a while. cross the wakes and learn to get use to it. Then when you start your wake 180's you will feel comfortable when landing switch. This made a big difference for me.

11-06-2001 10:22 PM

I warm up at the beginning of every set with 3 turns regular and 3 turns switch in the flats on each side of the wake. If you do this regularly, you will be comfortable switch and pretty good at surface 180s.

11-08-2001 10:16 PM

When it comes to riding switch all I can say is Practice . Every time you ride go switch, and soon it will come as easily as riding reglar stance . It took me a whole summer of riding almost every day to really become comfortable riding switch now its just second nature .

I'm righty 11-11-2001 7:00 PM

Now I never had a problem from day 1 riding switch. I can't do any trix switch other than w2w 180s, but I have no problem ridin switch. MAybe I'm amphibious. Or we got to thinking about it one day. I played alot of basketball and soccer back in the day and worked on taking left handed lay-ups and left footed soccer shots. (I'm righty) And we thought since I did that alot then I was more comfortable having my awkward foot back. DUnno if that makes any sense, but its worth a try when you're not on the water. Perhaps practicing left handed layups -- jumping off right foot. And left footed soccer shots -- Planting right foot. <BR>Sounds dumb...but it may have helped me... <BR> <BR>Oh yea...and what the other guys said...do that too. <BR> <BR>Good luck... <BR> <BR>H

Covington (damnation) on  11-12-2001 7:42 AM

Hunt, don't you mean ambidextrous? I know your amphibious, but that's a different subject. <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)">

Paraphrased 11-12-2001 11:23 AM

I think he may be reffering to a statement made by Charles Shackleford, former NC State B-Ball player. This is timeless humor to the UNC fans / NC State haters. (Paraphrased) "I'm amphibious, I can shoot with my right hand or my left hand." He said this on TV !!! <BR> <BR>Hunt, we are gonna try to go to Hyco this weekend. If you're around and need a pull, stop by our local camping spot. The burning ban sucks though, how can you camp w/o fire! <BR> <BR>Back to the topic at hand !!!

11-12-2001 11:43 AM

Oops, I must have missed that interview. Carry on!

11-17-2001 6:28 AM

hmmm,.......as soon as the freakin' lakes here thaw out, i guess i'll hafta go out and try all this. i'm thankful for all the info ppl are giving me. keep it rolling in!!! by the way, does n e one know how to do a tantrum or backroll???

11-29-2001 10:29 PM

Best Switch advice I can add to what's allready been said is try starting switch. Start it and edge with it then revert when your satisfied

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