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wakewilly 04-04-2004 2:17 PM

I'm almost positive, but I don't think that there is a club/team here. I've been at school here for 2 years and havn't heard of anything like that here. Are there any riders out there willing to start a team or club. I know the season's short, but we could definatly do stuff in late spring and into the fall. Are there any riders at CU out there?? <BR>-Chris

matt_ostmeyer 04-05-2004 7:28 AM

If you get stuff going there, let me know!!! I'm at Kansas U and we and K-State both have teams. It wouldn't be too far apart to hook up and have some tournaments. Matt Ostmeyer 913 908-8081, <a href="mailto:mostty@hotmail.com">mostty@hotmail.co m</a>

kstateskier 04-05-2004 9:27 PM

Chris, I would contact Tommy's in Denver, they should know a lot about the scene and probably know of riders in Boulder.

wakewilly 04-05-2004 10:30 PM

Yea, I've gone down and talked to the guys at Tommy's. They were tight, but didn't really seem to know much about collegiate stuff. They didn't mention anyone that rides that goes to CU. The two guys I talked to were either still in High School or weren't going to college. I got an idea what the summer scene's like out here, but that's pretty much it. Thanks for your input tho. <BR>-Chris

04-19-2004 10:04 PM

I'm in boulder- and I am sold on getting something going...anything...really I just want to go wakeboarding. Anyone around this summer???

wakewilly 04-19-2004 10:12 PM

I'm down for sure to ride over the summer. I think I'm stayin here for summer for school unless a hyperlite internship comes through. I know of some people goin up to Ft. Collins May 6,7,8th for a camping/wakeboard trip on a private lake. The guy's got an I/O, so that's a bummer, but it's better than nothing. I'm for sure down to get a club/team together. I havn't really heard of anyone that's super interested in anything like that. Feel free to send me an email if you wanna ride. <BR>-Chris <BR><a href="mailto:clwillia@colorado.edu">clwillia@color ado.edu</a>

04-23-2004 8:27 PM

Sounds good- I am really itching to get on the water this summer. So hopefully something will work out. I really haven't found that many riders with solid connections to go riding, or really that many riders in general. I did go to an INT tourny back in Aug. I think INT is done tho in CO. Well I know for sure I will be around til the end of June. so feel free to hit me up too- <a href="mailto:Jessica.Petrey@colorado.edu">Jessica. Petrey@colorado.edu</a>

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