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heavywake 03-31-2004 7:29 AM

I am setting up a custom ballast with two ballast Jabsco rev. pumps. Just wondering if a 1 1/2" thru hull will be enough to supply two 1" lines to the bags. I dont want to use the water intake hose because of the factory warranty. All the hoses are ran and the pumps are installed and wired, but I'm just not sure about the size if the thru hull. There is a 3/4" drain plug a few inches away from where I planned on putting the new thru hull. Would that be big enough?

tommyadrian5 03-31-2004 7:35 AM

i'm not plumber, but 2 pumps would equal 2" of intake (1" for each pump), but i think due to diameter/volume issues 1.5" would be fine but i could be wrong

phat_in_cincy 03-31-2004 9:22 AM

In addition, the Jabsco pumps inlet/outlet ID restricts down to 0.75" (I believe) so that's probably what your calculations should be based on.

tommyadrian5 03-31-2004 9:37 AM

paul, that's right, because it is for 1" diameter tubing, so .75" makes sense, no use in going to large through your hull so i think 1.5 would be perfect

heavywake 03-31-2004 1:47 PM

Thanks guys I'm drilling today.

rem_pss308 04-01-2004 8:46 AM

Rich, I too am getting ready to install a ballast system. I have concerns about tieing into the engine water supply. So I want to add an input for one jabsco pump. How did the hole drilling go. What fitting did you use? I have looked at a couple of different ones.

heavywake 04-01-2004 12:12 PM

Mike, Is there a drain plug close to where you would like to drill? The reason I ask is on mine I could of screwed right into the drain hole with a 3/4" fitting. Which I'm sure would be big enough for one pump. Otherwise the drilling was a piece of cake. I measured then measured again then drilled with a hole saw very carefully. The fitting that I am going to use is similar to the water intake for the engine. A through hull fitting with a strainer/scoop on it. I got it from west marine.

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