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03-30-2004 7:33 PM

Have both PC and have a mac(maybe upgrading depending) and was planning on getting FC express but a class i am taking next year at my school(i am a sophmore in high school) will be using Adobe Premiere and After effects. So i cant decide whether i should go with FC express and learn that adn then learn Premeire/AE or whether i should consentrate on Adobe and go down that road. Either way im getting a new computer this summer whether it be a mac or building a pc so this is part of that disicion. thanks.

04-03-2004 11:43 PM

depending upon how profess you wanna go! The macs and final cut pro (fcp) are the best! HOwever if money is a issue (usually is) then pcs aren't that bad especially if you are only doing it for personal fun! Right now i run off of a pc but i use vegas by sony which is a kickass program either way good luck <BR>one more thing --- although more expensive i sure as hell wish i had bought a laptop so when i go on long trips (airplane) or wherever; you can bring along your editing master machine

04-04-2004 9:21 AM

ok thanks

hypoxic_films 04-05-2004 10:33 PM

Nick <BR> <BR>I know when your in college you can get student discounts on mac items, maybe other things too. I dont know about highschool. Id look into that though. <BR> <BR>Danny Turner <BR>HYPOXIC FILMS <BR>hypoxicfilms.com

04-06-2004 4:51 AM

i im positive about high schools thanks for the warning though.

bankssa 04-07-2004 6:26 AM

The two programs are very similar in the way they operate and functions. You can get either program cheep if you are a student. Go to the Apple site <a href="http://www.apple.com" target="_blank">www.apple.com</a> and go to the education section. you can get final cut pro for around $600 Adobe package about the same and FC express for about $200. FC express is awsome. You can't batch digitize but most of us don't use that anyway. I would stick with Apple computers if you can the OS is way better and more stable. I teach Media in Michigan at Clarkston High School and we have used all the programs you mentioned... all are very good. I wouldn't feel disappointed about any of them...

jonb 04-11-2004 4:49 PM

hey check out this site <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.genesis-technologies.com/" target="_blank">http://www.genesis-technologies.com/</a> <BR> <BR>for students they sell adobe premiere for $240 <BR> <BR>You can learn basically learn adobe enough in one day to get you by in school, it is an easy program to run.

richd 04-12-2004 6:00 AM

I would go Final Cut if you can swing it on the Mac, Avid or Vegas on the PC.

toolfan 04-12-2004 2:35 PM

I use both FCP and Avid everyday at work. <BR> <BR>I would go with Avid for MAC. Much easier to use than FCP and alot more stable. For home applications, Avid DV is the ticket. <BR> <BR>

richd 04-12-2004 2:48 PM

"I would go with Avid for MAC. Much easier to use than FCP and alot more stable." <BR> <BR>I only used Avid Dv briefly but it seems like a great program. For me though why learn another. I've haven't yet had FCP 4 running under 10.3 crash so I certainly have no stability concerns. That includes doing long renders with FCP, burning a DVD with DVDSP 2 and netsurfing all at the same time. If that won't crash a program I do know what will!

toolfan 04-12-2004 3:02 PM

Rich, add running Outlook in a Classic 9 environment! <BR> <BR>Avid just seems more intuitive and has better tech support........if you need it of course.

richd 04-12-2004 5:40 PM

I'm done with classic as everything I use is OSX native. Should of known it would be a Microsoft product causing the problem! I like Avid a lot and someone who is going to do this full time could do a lot worse then learning it. If I had to use this stuff daily like you I'd take a hard look at Avid because there are a lot of Pro's saying what you are saying. But for the projects and level I'm at FCP works just fine and does everything I'll ever need.

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