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chachi 03-30-2004 3:00 PM

Witch one would have the better wake, with stock ballast and wakeplate

kvkev 03-30-2004 5:35 PM

I believe the two have the same hull so wake shape is the same. Just to be sure call moomba or do a search for moomba and call thier info line. <BR> Then compare apples to apples on the 01 or the 03, which one gives the best bang for the Buck and go for it. <BR> <BR>

leetudor 03-30-2004 6:12 PM

Mobius and the Outback LS have the same hull.

deepcove 03-30-2004 6:14 PM

The Outback <b> is the same hull as the 2001 Mobius, now called the Mobius LS. The regular Outback does not have the same hull as the Mobius. The mobius is designed more for </b>wakeboarding and one would asume it would have a better wake. I just bought a 2004 Mobius LS with front and rear ballast, wake plate, tower, heater etc.

deepcove 03-30-2004 6:16 PM

I don't know what happened with the bold above, but the first line should read Outback LS is the.....

upupnaway 03-30-2004 7:30 PM

Hey scott, how well does the wakeplate work? would you happen to have any pics with and without for comparison?

deepcove 03-30-2004 8:03 PM

I pick up my boat this saturday, I will hopefully try it out on Sunday and post some info. I did go for a quick sea trial on a 2004 Mobius, when the wake plate was up the wake was kinda steep, when it was down it had more of a mellow ramp to it. This was with front a rear ballast full. The wake was not what I would call big but it did have very nice shape and lip. Apparently the wake gets quite impressive with a couple 350 lbs side sacs added. I will take some pics this weekend.

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