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uga33 03-29-2004 1:06 PM

What are yall using for your battery terminals. I have 4 guage cables going to my amp and the terminal I'm trying use will not stay on. I have the Stinger terminals that supposely just crimp on. Are you supposed to solder them on or something?

dbo 03-29-2004 1:18 PM

try the ring terminals by stinger that just tighten up with an allen wrench they work well.

jeffr 03-29-2004 1:53 PM

I have some crimp on ones.... nothing fancy…. I can slip the end over the accessory post and use the wing nut to hold the wires for my amps and pumps in place. <BR> <BR>I have also seen some cool stuff in the back of the crutchfield catalogue with the allen key type of end. Check your local car stereo shops like car toys or mag hi fi for options. <BR> <BR>You can find some great connectors. Depending on how many amps you are running they also have some splitters with fuses that would cut down on how many power and ground lines you would need to run. <BR>

uga33 03-30-2004 5:07 AM

Thanks Guys, <BR>

trace 03-30-2004 5:13 AM

use wire cutters to crimp instead of pliers, just be careful not to cut all the way thru the teminal. you can also "tin" the stripped wire with solder before crimping.

whitevlx 03-30-2004 8:15 AM

Streetwires makes some nice connectors that use a screw to clamp on.

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