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chzzhead_steven 03-29-2004 5:29 AM

I ordered a 2003 SSV with the painted steel trailer, I now will be in Florida and extensively using the boat in brackish or salt water. I desperatly need to find someone who can... <BR> OPTION A: strip my current trailer, galvanize it, then paint it again or <BR> OPTION B. buy a second used aluminum or galvinized trailer just to get me a couple of miles down the road to the launch from my new house. <BR> Other than that I am open to ideas because I cannot find anyone to galvanize the trailer or a used trailer! There are literally NO inboard dealerships in the vicinity! with any option I need to be under $1800. Skiers choice quoted me $4300 on a new trailer and that's with me keeping mine and selling it outright. Just a tad bit pricy for a trailer for my budget. Any help or input would be grateful.<img src="http://messageboard.wakeworld.com/MB/discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by chzzhead_steven on March 29, 2004)

nooner 03-29-2004 6:02 AM

My buddy had his hot dip galvenzied. He had to Pull all the lights and acessories off of it. Then when he got to the place he pulled the axels off. Should be simple with a new trailer. I think the galvenizing place charged him Under $300 to have it done. You will probably have to get some new galvenized rims. BUt you should be set under $600

oldschool 03-30-2004 8:02 AM

Steven, I live in St. Pete and had mine hot dipped in Tampa. I had to have it sanded blasted by a place down the road from the galvanizer for $150, and then for $15 they shipped it over to the galvanizer. It was $285 to have it dipped. But I had to pay big bucks to have my boat put in a high and dry while this happened. I wish I would have just bought a brand new aluminum trailer for only $2100 in Tampa. The worst part was stripping the trailer down to the frame, getting it to the sand blaster, and then getting it back from the galvanizer and having to put the trailer back together. I made a mistake and already had the trailer in the salt water about 15-20 times. The axles were never galvanized so they are now in trouble, the brakes are rusted away so I ditched those, and I think the inside of the frame never got completely galvanized and it is still rusting away. And believe me, I wash my trailer more than the boat. This doesn't help. Salt sucks. <BR> <BR>E-mail me if you need any help getting it done. I have a Launch, so we probably have the same trailer. Seriously though, just get a brand new aluminum trailer. They come with all aluminum frame, galvanized axles, and stainless steel brakes. You'll never need another trailer. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by oldschool on March 30, 2004)

hockeyruss 03-31-2004 3:59 AM

Here is option 3, I am selling my 04 painted and galvanized trailer (and boat) to a guy in Atlanta, and he has no need for a galvanized trailer, maybe you could trade trailers with him. <BR>Is yours a tandem axle? Mine is a single axle but the gentleman that is buying it wants a tandem.

iwant2ride 03-31-2004 8:27 AM

Steve, <BR> Wakenup is correct. I am buying his 04 Boatmate Vdrive black galvanized trailer. I dont need this option as run strictly freshwater in Atlanta, let me know if you are interested in working something out. <BR>What color is your trailer?

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