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collin_360 03-25-2004 4:44 AM

Last april, I bought a new Mobius LSV in hong kong . After using for three months, I found water in the engine. I then tried to fix the boat and submiited two claim forms to Indmar. Up to now, after over eight months, I still have not got a penny back and after promising me to pay back half I have already paid for, they now tell me that is just their mis calculation and that I am only going to get back less than one-fourth of what I have already paid for. moreover, their "customer representitive" never reply my email and I have to make long distance call day after day to urge them to reply my message. This is the worst warranty that I have ever encountered, there is nothing much that I can do now except to decide never ever to use Indmar engine again and spread the words to all my friends who might be interested in getting one of their boats.

krbaugh 03-25-2004 6:14 AM

Water in the Engine? <BR>Why is there water in the Engine? <BR>Cracked Block? <BR>

catdaddy76 03-25-2004 7:30 PM

Where was there water in Engine? <BR>You have to be a little more specific when you <BR>are going to trash a company that puts out <BR>thousands of motors a year. <BR>BY THE WAY...NEWSFLASH... YOUR ENGINE IS WATER <BR>COOLED!! Let us know when your complaint has some <BR>detail. <BR>

oldschool 03-30-2004 7:52 AM

Teddy, I am guessing water is getting into the oil. You don't want it cooled in that manner. Probably a warped head or bad gasket, right?

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