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drunkmonkey 03-23-2004 9:22 PM

I think it's pretty much been said on here that the material they make decent speakers out of nowadays is not paper and consequently holds up pretty well to the amount of moisture that is common in a boat or on a tower. <BR> <BR>Am I right here or does a little more cre need to be taken? Some of the speakers (Polk, Xplod, Pioneer etc.) don't really have much in the way of protection as far as the grills go. <BR> <BR>How much should this be a factor or should I plan on this being a fairly regular replacement? <BR> <BR>On that note, any suggestions on 6 1/2's and/or <BR>6 x9's for at or around $100 a pair (eBay hopefully will come through, here)?

wakescene 03-24-2004 11:23 AM

I have been running JL Audio 6.5's for 4 years now, and they still perform perfect. <BR> <BR>the middle of the road line from JL should run you about $125 NEW, and prbbly 80-100 on ebay. <BR> <BR>just my $.02

monstertower 03-25-2004 8:53 PM

You can get a pretty decent pair for $50, so for a $100 budget there are tons of options out there. If you can listen to them that's the golden rule. Hit Best Buy and other local places and then eBay or the online discounters to buy if that's your MO, check out <a href="http://www.IkeSound.com" target="_blank">www.IkeSound.com</a> - I've had good luck buying from them.

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