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yeaitsmemarc 03-20-2004 12:30 PM

On another thread someone was talking about their Trickz double tip board and said, "My favorite feature is the leash...that way I don't have to swim after it all the time." <BR> <BR>Seems like a good idea, and something that wouldnt be to hard to modify on your existing board. Anyone ever try this?

boarditup 03-20-2004 3:10 PM

Try the Trick Boardz. <BR> <BR>There are leash kits available at surf shops that mount to any board.

sdorovi 04-25-2004 8:31 PM

Wow a leash on a wakesurf board. I thought we were getting lazy with wakesurfing as a whole. Now were putting leashes on these boards, wow I hate working, but I think your focus is going the wrong way.

djmann270 04-27-2004 6:48 PM

The leash is so the board doesnt go into the boat or far away from you. It is mainly a liability issue.

sdorovi 04-28-2004 8:12 PM

As far as I remember when I ride it's just like riding a wave in the ocean, you always kick the board as far away from you as possible. In wakesurfing I think the leash will help the board follow you rather than get it away. As well as that is one more thing that has a chance to get caught in the prop and cause a bigger liability. Take my advice kick it away and learn to swim, it will keep you safer.

inland_surfer 05-01-2004 6:15 PM

Reg. Leashes, we do not recommended them, because they might get caught in the prop wash and suck you in while the boat is going around you. Just a thought. <BR>

jaq 09-28-2004 3:56 PM

A few times when I was riding the nose of my board actually went over the platform because I got too much speed coming down the wake. No leash would have helped if I fell. I think it is also dangerous, you kinda want to kick the board away... less chance of it hitting you. I have seen a landlock leave a gash in someone's head.

dadthedriver 10-18-2004 9:22 PM

My son has used a 6 ft leash on his broadcast for the last year. No problems and dont have to chase the board when it gets caught on the roller. That is at least twice a week all summer long. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dadthedriver on October 18, 2004)

moh2o 10-19-2004 7:32 AM

How long does it actually take to swim to your board? I've never had the boat get back to me before I got to the board. SOMEONE WILL GET SEVERLY HURT OR KILLED BY USING A LEASH IN THE FUTURE. I try not to wear one surfing either unless conditions absolutely warrant it. (and even then it's only because I don't feel like swimming in 6-8ft swells for several hundred yards while fighting strong currents) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by moh2o on October 19, 2004)

deuce 04-09-2005 10:15 AM

I am somewhat confused as to how a leash is going to get caught in the prop? <BR> <BR>We leash up and it just never occurred to me that it was ever going to get close to the prop.... <BR> <BR>As far as people getting hurt and/or killed, much more concerned with sliders(wakeboarding/skating) and/or carbon monoxide(surfing) than a leash hurting someone. <BR> <BR>Did have someone take a good konk to the head from the board bouncing back from the leash. <BR> <BR>Anyway....back to the leash and prop? <BR> <BR>E.J.

partydock17 04-09-2005 9:41 PM

The reason we use the leash so if we are trying a ne trick, and lose the board, it wont run up and hit the back of the boat!

bschroeder 04-11-2005 1:51 PM

how are you going to learn shoves with a leash strapped to your ancle??? sounds like a pretty bad idea if you ask me.

deuce 04-11-2005 4:52 PM

Learn what???? Fact is, I don't plan on doing anything behind the boat that I don't see people do in the surf leashed up. Note, I won't do much of that either....but just as a point of reference. <BR> <BR>Also, I am not for or against leashes.... Just has always used one and was surprised that there may be concern about it getting caught in the prop. <BR> <BR>E.J.

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