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yeaitsmemarc 03-18-2004 3:32 PM

I have a hyperlite broadcast.. and want to buy my dad a board for his birthday. He's a big guys (around 225 lb), 6 ft 2' Any recomendations on a board easy to get up on that would support him would be great(not really concerned about surface tricks). Any help is always appreciated! <BR>-Marc <BR><a href="mailto:savatsky@hotmail.com">savatsky@hotmai l.com</a>

sdboardr99 03-18-2004 3:44 PM

Inland Surfer Green Room or HL Landlock

boarditup 03-18-2004 8:04 PM

Butter Board.

lehmur 03-18-2004 9:27 PM

I'm 6ft 4 inches and 230lbs. and ride the landlock. It works fine for me. <BR> <BR>I have heard alot of people recommend the Inland Surfer boards for big guys.

yeaitsmemarc 03-18-2004 10:06 PM

thanks for all the leads... I've been been checkign out all those boards.. looks like the Green Room is the biggest at 5'10... <BR> <BR>Anyone have any exp. w/the Liquid Force Inlander? <BR>(<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/surf/getboard5.asp?ProductID=2395" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/surf/getboard5.asp?ProductID=2395</a>) <BR>

sdboardr99 03-18-2004 11:08 PM

I just got a chance to try the Inlander out last Friday (it's the board Dave is riding in the pics <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/articles/2004/spring.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/articles/2004/spring.asp</a>). It's a very forgiving board and has a ton of flotation. One of the guys riding it was probably about 210# and he had no problem with it. Based on what you've said, it might be a good option. <BR>

boarditup 03-19-2004 7:27 AM

Another option is the Trick Boardz. I am 6'4" and 250 and ride the XL very well. Allows for great tricks as well as a forgiving ride where the board does not roll or nose dive easily.

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