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lake_dad 03-18-2004 1:43 PM

Which is the best supra Launch dd to buy?Looking at 2000 to 2003 > Has there been any Mech. problems in these years? Can you still have a reasonable wake to ski? Thanks for the Help....

1dega 03-18-2004 2:56 PM

Buy a 2001 or newer.Thats when the new hull came out.I think the launch ss is the best all around boat.But the regular launch is deeper and with alot of ballast you will have an awesome wake board wake.I had a ss before my ssv and I loved it.

bjbatch 03-18-2004 7:12 PM

I have the 2001 Sunsport, which is the Launch SS without launch graphics. It has an excellent ski wake, and IMO a very good wakeboard wake. I ski some in a ski club that uses a Malibu Response, and I don't see a great deal of difference at my level (15 off). The Supra ski wake is larger since it is a bigger boat, but the wake is soft and easy to cross. <BR> <BR>I met some guys last year that love to slalom behind their regular Launch too, but I think the SS is known as a better slalom hull. No mechanical problems with either of these models that I have heard of. Supra is a great company and you can buy with confidence.

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