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bengal 03-15-2004 6:14 PM

So, I am looking seriously at the CWB or Collective Developements. I have heard good things about CWB. Anyone have experience with CD's??? <BR>Also, I am riding an 03 Liquid Force Team...will I have any problems with either of these bindings fitting the LF board?

stephan 03-15-2004 6:16 PM

They should both fit. I am a strong believer in the CWB products. I've got the Zeus' and can not imagine a better bindings. I've tried bunch and like this one the most.

jetgofish 03-16-2004 8:50 AM

Mike - I've rode both the CD and CWB Bindings. For a snowboard boot look (if it's apperance only you want) go with the CD's if you want comfort and support I would suggest going with the CWB. <BR> <BR>First thing I didn't like about the CD's - It seemed to take me longer to "board up" basically it took me a lot longer to get ready. I noticed that I would lace up then have to unlace to untighten the binding and on the water adjustments are nearly impossible. Secondly - Mentally I was afraid I wouldn't come out and if I didn't I was afraid of serious knee injury. Third, great bindings however, pokes and grabs were a little more difficult since the outer shell is a bit stiffer than most bindings. Again over all I would say CD's are a great binding, not my first choice though. <BR> <BR>CWB - Really can't say enough so far about the Boss's! I would suggest test riding both brands if you can, then making a choice from there! It's all about the fit and feel for you! We can give you our suggestions, however what feels better to us, might not feel the same for you! <BR> <BR>Best of luck to ya! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jetgofish on March 16, 2004)

gunz 03-16-2004 9:00 AM

One of our crew has the Zues.Says it's awesome.I have Nice,and they are really similar.The ties on the Zues are a little nicer though.

bengal 03-16-2004 2:41 PM

Thanks guys!! <BR>I am really leaning towards the CWB's...I think I will have to demo both The Zuess and Boss. I have a narrow foot and I like a snug feel. <BR>Thanks again!

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