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turtle 03-15-2004 8:38 AM

What camps would you guys and gals recommend?

boarditup 03-15-2004 9:11 AM

Cory Pickos in Destin, FL. Great with kids and good facilities.

brinks 03-15-2004 10:32 AM

Check out <a href="http://www.azwakesports.com" target="_blank">www.azwakesports.com</a>

dinker 03-15-2004 1:01 PM

Shaun Murrays its awesome <a href="http://www.theboardingschool.com" target="_blank">www.theboardingschool.com</a>

teamvaldez 03-16-2004 2:09 PM

<BR>My boys (Eddie age 13, Jacob age 9) just got back from the boarding school a couple of weeks ago. Shaun and Travis took great care of them!! They will definatley go back! HTH!

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