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10-02-2001 11:37 PM

Do I have all the prerequisites to try a tantrum? <BR>I can clear the wake, easy. I get good pop... I can toeside 180... <BR>And I can do a backflip on the ground... A good one, too. <BR> <BR>So basically, i just want to know if it would be stupid of me to try a tantrum next time I go out. <BR> <BR>Peace, <BR>Ittai

10-03-2001 9:01 AM

Probably, but huck away! Actually I would suggest a backroll first.

10-03-2001 1:12 PM

yeah, i agree with dave. trust me, don't end up like my buddy. he attempted the tantrum b 4 the backroll, dislocated the same shoulder, twice in the same summer, and in 2000, broke his ankle. now he's gotta face surgury. not good. backrolls tend to be easier as well. work on that, then go to tantrum territory.

knock knock 10-03-2001 1:15 PM

Ya just killed his motivation! J/k The only injury I've ever had on a tantrum (knock knock) is a bunch of pulled muscles in my neck. A backroll is definitely easier to initiate the first few times!

10-03-2001 3:52 PM

A backroll is like a cartwheel or a sideflip, right? <BR> <BR>Peace, <BR>Ittai

10-03-2001 5:38 PM

more like a cartwheel

10-04-2001 4:35 PM

yeah. i tried one on a tramp, freestyle, no rope. went like 15 feet up, attempted it, and landed funny. it was hilarious!!! try it, only with a lot of padding though.

11-25-2001 9:45 AM

I'd have to say if your comfortable doing back flips dry land... tramp, diving, or anyother way a Tantrum seems to be easier mentally cause your already familiar with the rotation. I haven't tried a backroll yet but was working on the Tantrum my last two runs of the season. Only problem I had was I tried it coming in just for mental purposed but I was too shallow burried my shoulder in the sand... arm was a little num for a few minutes but hey Board on!

12-21-2001 9:14 PM

Nighthawk, go www.worldofwakeboarding.com trick tips. Kovak explains it.

12-22-2001 3:23 PM

hook straight into the tantrum, more natural rotation for you. you will be surprised how easy it is!

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