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mattbint 03-13-2004 1:49 PM

I want to buy a surf board and I'm not sure what to get. We will all be beginners this season. <BR>

mattbint 03-13-2004 2:00 PM

Well I just read the post a little ways down. The broadcast sounds like a good board to start on. Hey Brent, how about a demo someday ? It's Matt your favorite plumber.

captainfreedom 03-15-2004 9:45 AM

Any time! I just spent all weekend cleaning up the boat and de winterizing. The Broadcast is definitely a good all around board. Stable enough for beginners, but agile enough to do surface tricks and control speed. <BR> <BR>As the snow starts melting, I will start finding my way back on the water and we can hook up.

keith_capielo 03-19-2004 12:45 PM

I am not a wakeboarder or a skier, I grew up as a surfer. I was introduced to wakesurfing as a judge at the Centurion event last June. I surfed every type of board out during that weekend. I came to the conclusion that designs based on wakeboards are seriously flawed. You have to realize that surfboard designs have been worked on and changed for over 100 years. Boards like what hyperlite designs ignore fundamental designs that have stood the test of time. I seriously and strongly reccomend a Phase five or Victoria skimboard. Or for something bigger a Surftech model. As a judge I saw the "experienced" wakesurfer's get smoked by the surfers and skimboarders that were riding their own equipment. The hyperlites and Inland surfboards just did not perform. Don't waste your money on a board that will hold back your progression! I hope you trust me. Go have fun.

mb_girl 03-20-2004 12:22 AM

Keith, <BR>I'm thinking about getting into this as well this summer. Are the boards size specific or are they more universal? My husband &amp; I are almost 100 lbs different in size (I'm 130, he's 220ish) &amp; would like to be able to share a board, but I know that I'm asking for a lot there. Any thoughts? Are there specific models that Phase 5 &amp; Victoria make that you can recommend for beginners through, say intermediate? I need some help with this since I don't live anywhere remotely near a surfing area - you don't see too much surfing on the Oregon Coast &amp; we're something like 5 hours from there, so surf shops are very few &amp; far between. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mb_girl on March 19, 2004)

yeaitsmemarc 03-20-2004 1:18 PM

Tracie- <BR> Wakesurfing is something that you and your husband will definately have a lot of fun with. I had the same concerns when I bought my first board (my dad is about 100 lb. bigger than me).. I spoke with Jeff, who owns Inland Surfer ( 877-901-6055), he steered me in the right direction. I bought the "blue room" board from him, and I have no regrets. Its stable and big enough for beginning, and faster than other boards I've tried... Good Luck <BR>-Marc

mb_girl 03-20-2004 6:44 PM

Thanks Marc. Will give them a look.

210n 09-12-2004 3:38 PM

hl doesnt make surf boads, they make wake surfers <BR>

dyonisus 09-25-2004 10:16 PM

What have you heard about the tsunami??

airwarrior04 12-02-2004 7:08 PM

Broadcast 4'9" or 5' 6" ? whats better

buzz_grande 12-17-2004 12:07 AM

Hey Tracie. What's up! <BR> <BR>Keith, do you ride at San V w/Shannon? Do you have any boards of your own design? <BR> <BR>I will be getting started wakesurfing as soon as my new boat gets in, and just started researching boards. I was told that the "skimboard" type boards are a good way to go. I have never wakesurfed, but looking forward to it.

steve_b 12-17-2004 12:13 AM

Slater, where do you live?

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