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reddog25cf 03-13-2004 8:43 AM

My girlfriend and I are going on vacation to FL on April 16th-25th. I'd like to go out somewhere and ride one day, so I'm needing a pull. Can anyone help us out? I'll pitch in whatever you ask me to. We're staying in Largo, which is in the Tampa Bay area.

reddog25cf 03-13-2004 8:48 AM

Tim Krutz.... how far away from there are you?

reddog25cf 03-14-2004 4:52 AM

Anybody anybody? I'm startin to think nobody likes me.... haha

timmy 03-14-2004 5:09 AM

i replied to your e-mail <BR> <BR>it is about a 2 hour drive from gainesville. <BR> <BR>you are more than welcome to come ride!

chase 03-14-2004 5:49 AM

I'm about an hour away and you guys are more than welcome to come get a pull! I'm in Clermont which is about 30 minutes West of Orlando and about 50 minutes North of Tampa. <a href="mailto:ctennyson@cfl.rr.com">ctennyson@cfl.r r.com</a>

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