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jarrod 03-11-2004 8:05 AM

I'm in the market for a used Nautique (something in the 20K +or- range. Like everyone else I want the best wake possible. Are there any Nautique hulls that don't produce an awesome wake? Are they all steep? I hear the old 2001s throw a nice wake, and the late 90's too. Are there any specific years I should stay away from?

tparider 03-11-2004 9:42 AM

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but the only one that is significantly different is the Ski Nautique. It's 19' and a difference hull than today's shapes. I will say from personal experience riding behind a 95 Ski Nautique, if you sack it out (we used 5 total) the wake still gets scary big and the engine doesn't even flinch out of the hole. <BR> <BR>If I had $20k I'd go with a 1995 Super Sport (that deal is out there somewhere), a newer (1995-1997) Sport Nautique, or go over to Malibu and get a mid-late 90's Sunsetter VLX. <BR> <BR>

jarrod 03-11-2004 9:56 AM

Good advice. Thanks AGAIN David. I wasn't sure which older Malibu hulls would be good for me. And there aren't very many on the used market.

aaronlee13 03-11-2004 10:05 AM

J-Rod... Ever think of instead of a mastercraft or Nautique... For 20K + -.. you could get a pretty new v-drive supreme, Centurion, b-52...etc, with all the goodies

jarrod 03-11-2004 10:15 AM

Yep. I'm considering that too Aaron. I rode behind a heavily loaded supreme last season and it wasn't bad.

brettly 03-12-2004 1:37 AM

What about the Moomba Mobius V?

jarrod 03-12-2004 7:08 AM

I considered those too, but someone said buy 2002 or newer because the hull design made a big improvement in 2002. I'm not prepared to spend on a 2002.

big_poppa 03-13-2004 8:29 AM

j rod search for the older nautique they are just as good even the 84 and up nice wake not weighted!! <BR>but old boats give trouble, so know the boat!! <BR>you will hve more money for gas and beer!!hahaha!!

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