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thompsonjosh 03-05-2004 3:13 PM

i need soem feedback on the alpha bindings. I thought i was sold on parks but now i hear alot about these. Are they supportive and comfy. I know there cheaper. Le tme know you opinion if you've been in them.

three6ty 03-05-2004 4:15 PM

They are defiantely comfortable and super easy to get into. The dont offer as much support as the Parks binding. But i have to say i have never put on a more comfortable boot than the alpha.

brettly 03-05-2004 4:47 PM

Haven't heard much on the Alpha's, I know last year some guys up in Disco had troubles with the foot beds or bottom pads (can't remember which) of course something new always has bugs.. <BR> <BR>I agree with Erik, everyone I've talked to says that the Parks=more support

thompsonjosh 03-06-2004 2:36 PM

yes, but is too much support a bad thing, i want support but i dont want my bindings to never let my foot out in a crash

wes_can_riders 03-06-2004 2:54 PM

best bindings ever... very easyer to get into are are really soft on your feet.... I say buy them

thompsonjosh 03-07-2004 9:35 AM

evan, or anybody <BR>can you give me some more details on them. compare them to something else or just tel me more about hem please

jon_a 03-07-2004 3:02 PM

Josh, <BR> <BR>In my opinion the Alphas are alot like the Hyperlite Belmont binding except so much more comfortable. The new lining on the inside is great for easy entry but also holds you in good. Check your email. I just send you some info.

wes_can_riders 03-07-2004 3:43 PM

josh... <BR> <BR>Ive tryed out many bindings and they are by far my favorite.... there the most comfortable bindings that have ever been on my feet... I love them

nemo1 03-12-2004 3:13 PM

hey dudes, <BR> <BR>I agree with Josh man. I mean ; is it also ok for like bigger feet ? my size is euro 45/46 , that's quite big, and i just need some good binding. Is the Alpha ok then, or should I go for the Ultra's ?

bradzass 03-12-2004 3:26 PM

I wouldn't go for ultras, I just went from them to alphas, the ultras cramped my feet so bad and theres nothing you can do about it, alphas are sweet, easy to get into, give me plenty of support don't cramp my feet at all, and look sweet on my Gonzalez too!! Seriously get em!! Ultras suck..

wes_can_riders 03-12-2004 4:09 PM

alphas are dope after riding them for a couple times when you look at the foot bed its like compressed molded to my feet is sweet

indifferent 03-13-2004 12:43 PM

They tight, not as tight as the Transits but they still damn good.

wes_can_riders 03-13-2004 1:35 PM

there only tight when u want them to be... if u like ultra style pull on the lace hard is u like it loose then ride loose

indifferent 03-13-2004 2:10 PM

(Tight as in good)

hyperlitenrd 03-13-2004 2:12 PM

I just tried on the transits and the alphas, the transits are much more confortable, and alot more supportive, the alphas are still much more confortable than any other bindings that ive have gotten my feet in, the only prob in the transits only go up to XL, i need XXL

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