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09-25-2001 12:03 PM

I've only tried this trick a few times but seem to get the pop and rotation most of the time. The problem is that when I leave the wake with two hands on the handle and then try to drop the back one when I'm upside down, I seem to get turned to revert. On the other hand, if I drop my back hand at the top of the wake I land on the board regular but get pulled out the front on the landing. How should I correct this to do a TS backroll, or should I just try to learn the roll to revert? Thanks for any help!

09-26-2001 9:27 AM

Two solutions if you are only having problems with the landings. 1. When you are landing put that rope at the backside of your hip. 2. Remember that when you land you will be edging away from the boat so you don't want to look foward. <BR> <BR>You are getting pulled out the front because the rope is too far away from your body. Try and keep your elbow up to your ribs. Bottom line is you want the handle close to your body.

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