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09-25-2001 5:36 AM

I've only tried this trick a few times but seem to get the pop and rotation most of the time. The problem is that when I leave the wake with two hands on the handle and then try to drop the back one when I'm upside down, I seem to get turned to revert. On the other hand, if I drop my back hand at the top of the wake I land on the board regular but get pulled out the front on the landing. How should I correct this to do a TS backroll, or should I just try to learn the roll to revert? Thanks for any help!

11-29-2001 10:37 PM

I've been practicing on the diving boards on and off quite a bit and friends and I sometimes have the same problem... Lots of the time it's just evening out your weight distribution as you push off sometimes it's a matter of stretching it out just a bit further. I don't know if this helps much But I figured I'd give it a try.

11-30-2001 8:26 AM

What do you mean by "stretching it out"? Thanks for the help.

kinda like lay it out 11-30-2001 3:00 PM

You hear it in Arial Ski jumping all the time... Stretch... If your rotating to fast you stretch/or extend the body (kinda like lay it out) to slow down your rotation a bit or at least try to. You can still compact hard just open up a bit sooner if your rotation is a bit fast and stretch it out. The problem is that it's natural to flip with a 180. Toss a remote or something similar in a flip it flips with a 180. So sometimes it's a combination of weight distribution, pushing off, and rotation speed. Hope that clears it up.

12-19-2001 4:33 PM

Handle Position.... <BR>You need to keep the handle by your waist area. this is what will throw you off.

12-21-2001 8:30 PM

the easiest way i have found is if you release your back hand as you ride up the wake. If you stand nice and tall as you leave the wake and keep the handle in nice and tight to your hip, make sure you are pushing your chest out as you exit the wake and this will eliminate falling foward when you land and also will eliminate the handle being pulled from your hand when you land. good luck let me know how you go.

sergecalderara 06-16-2002 5:45 AM

Dear all, <BR>I try many times to perform that TS backroll but i am always falling like a cake, falling with my stomac first <BR>what could be wrong ??

jdpritch89 06-16-2002 4:32 PM

I do the TS Backroll to revert, I clear both wakes but I keep landing on my back. Any tips?

jdpritch89 06-20-2002 8:54 PM

thanks for the advice<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0>...thats okay i skipped the toeside backroll, but landed it to revert a couple of times today anyway.

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