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22parksm 02-22-2004 11:39 AM

I'm looking to buy the Sony DCR-TRV950E. Is this good for making movies?

sdboardr99 02-22-2004 3:53 PM

Yes, it's a very good camera. The video quality is excellent, just as it is for most 3-ccd video cameras. Another one I like is the Canon GL-2. <BR>

richd 02-22-2004 4:49 PM

Look also at the b&amp;p version of the trv950 which I believe is the pd10. It actually shoots a mean 16X9, a feature they left off the 950.

02-23-2004 8:08 AM

I've got a Sony PD-150. It has a GREAT picture. About the same price, a little more. It also shoots on DVCam which I feel has a higher quality than regular DV tape. The upgrade to the 150 is the PD-170, It's more expensive but has a little better picture quality.

richd 02-23-2004 5:52 PM

You can record Mini DV all day long on DVCam tape if you want to spend the extra dough for the tapes themselves. The main difference between DVCam and mini DV recording is the different pitch and locked audio which really isn't a big factor unless you're doing linear (deck to deck) editing. They claim DVCam has less dropouts than mini DV but that's never been an issue for me - never seen one! I had a PD150 for a couple of years and it is a great cam (I've heard the best selling sony ever!) Thank God I didn't ever record in the DVCam format though because now that I'm using a DVX100 my old tapes would be useless. I'm not knocking the format but it does pose some limitations.

sdboardr99 02-23-2004 6:05 PM

Rich, how do you like the DVX100? Are you shooting in 24p mode? Using the CineGamma? Can you compare the look of video shot in 24p with CineGamma to what you get with a PD150 or GL-2 (basically any high-end 3-ccd video cam)? <BR>

dcervenka 02-24-2004 12:34 AM

I've got the TRV-900 (predecessor to the 950) and it's great. Still working like a charm even after 5+ years of snowboarding and wakeboarding videos. <BR>

deepstructure 02-24-2004 1:44 AM

i've actually heard that the lux capacity on the 900 is much better than the 950.

richd 02-24-2004 10:58 AM

Bill: I've been shooting in 30p mode because I think the slow motion looks better. If you watch Delta Sessions closely it's easy to see the footage shot with the DVX vs the footage from Arun's and Bryan's GL2's. Look closely at Schwenne's segment on the Delta where we go from the side to behind the boat shots and you should be able to see the slightly more washed out color &amp; resolution of the GL2. I don't tweak the Cine Gamma settings because nothing we're doing will end up on film. The DVX has a warmer more filmic look than the PD150 and looks sharper to me (probably because the DVX records more information on each frame in progressive mode than an interlaced DV cam of the same chip size can). PD150 video does look a bit smoother though because it is interlaced. <BR> <BR>The DVX handles like a dream compared to any other cam I have owned, it's hard to describe exactly why, they just have a great balance/layout/controls. The new 100a model has fixed the only complaints I had about the cam (the viewfinder and no one touch AF in 24p/30p modes) I don't care for B&amp;W viewfinders like the PD150 has but they are easier to focus. Panasonic has added a setting on the 100a VF that gives you the sharpness level of B&amp;W but in color so I can't wait to see that. Bryan has the new 100a and shot a lot of his new vid "Untouchable Sound" in 24p so it will be interesting to see how it looks on DVD. <BR> <BR>The new PD170 really doesn't address the needs of the indie filmmakers and it appears Sony is aiming this model at the ENG crowd. The DVX has literally taken over that whole Indie market. The rumored Canon XL2 may bite into that somewhat but Canon can't take a crap video wise without Sony's blessing so we'll see. <BR> <BR>The bottom line is you can make DVX video look anyway you want with all those (heretofore) hi end gamma, contrast and knee settings built into the cam.

02-24-2004 7:53 PM

I am thinking about getting a video camera this summer any suggestions as to a make im thinking the Sony TRV950 but im on what would call a somewhat limited budget. Thanks

richd 02-25-2004 5:21 AM

If you want a 3 chip here's the order I would go: <BR> <BR>I'm assuming a DVX100 or PD150 is too much so: <BR> <BR>VX2000 used <BR>GL2 <BR>TRV950 <BR>TRV900 used <BR>GL1 used

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