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07-26-2004 2:02 PM

i am relatively new at wakeboarding though picking it up pretty quick. i was talked into a hypelite temet 138.1 with split bindings. is this a decent setup for a beginner????

07-27-2004 9:16 AM

i think that is a pretty good setup...when i first started i got a Vero 143 by Hyperlite and i out grew it before the summer was over so you are in good shape with the Temet...the Split bindings are good, just be ready to velco over and over again. That velcro strap just won't stay put. I have the Parks binding and the strap does the same on them too. I did demo the Split boot though and it seemed to be a good starting point for someone in your situation. Good luck and have fun.

07-27-2004 12:25 PM

thanks, you are right though about the velcro at the ankle. the damn thing loosens up after a few hard cuts and jumps.

mango 08-02-2004 11:39 AM

splits won't last you forever especially if you do any switches or surface spins they tend to break. The Parks have way more support.

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