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technarider 06-05-2007 11:15 PM

battery related <BR> <BR>i thought i was done questioning everything i am doing...but guess not now <BR> <BR> i am gonna be running 800 watts max... have not figured out the rms yet.. but i would think 1/3 of that if not less.. <BR> <BR>i know i can install a 2nd battery in the ice chest (1984 2001 SN)... and i am looking for that perfect battery.. <BR> <BR>optima was my first choice.. but i need to install the isolator in that box too.. <BR>so stinger or kenitik are much smaller... and would fit with the isolator <BR> <BR>the problem i keep seein is that the stinger and kenitik have weird numbers... <BR>optima d34m sayies 55ah <amp> <BR>stinger sp800 sayies 30 ah <BR>kenitik hc800 sayies 36 ah <BR> <BR>but cranking amps are 750 optima 925 stinger 950 kenitic <BR> <BR>prices are all about the same... all dry cell... so the question i have is do i just find another place for the isolator... or get the stinger or kenitik .... or just get a single optima/stinger/kenitik and run that with out the 2nd battery

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