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popkarma 04-18-2011 10:03 AM

Anyone in NV?
Moving away from my beloved Cali delta to Reno. Anyone around the Reno area ride at all? I usually spend summers at Almanor, but do people ride at Pyramid? Let me know. Good for gas, cleaning, beer, and returning the favor when I move my boat up.

wakeboard247 04-20-2011 3:10 AM

I'v lived in Reno the last 6 years and grew up riding in Discovery Bay. The delta is still the best place to ride and I make the commute every weekend down there from Reno. You can ride Pyramid or even on Tahoe - but they are both lakes, and the bad thing about being up in the mountains in the summer is there is generally always some kind of wind.
I also have some friends who ride on Lahonton (not sure if thats how its spelled) and they are skiers / barefooters and generally have good luck with flat water. Also I believe there is a cable park being built or already completed out in Gardenerville.
Hope that helps,

popkarma 04-22-2011 9:37 AM

Awesome! Thanks Stephen. I will be riding out of disco whenever I visit since my fam and friends will still be there. Ill check into that cable park!

wakeboard247 04-23-2011 8:05 PM

No worries mate, here is an article on the cable park. I'v been out there (before it was a cable park) and did some waterskiing (no wakeboard boat was at the lake at the time) with the owner. Chill guy. I'm currently living and working abroad, but I am planning on heading back up to Reno mid summer. Keep you in mind for some disco car pooling / riding if you're interested.



shawndoggy 04-23-2011 9:26 PM

Yeah, Lahontan totally sucks... I wouldn't go there....


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