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tyler97217 06-10-2013 10:23 AM

Ok.... been awhile since we played...."Guess this boat"
Guess this boat...... and if you know me and already know..... Don't say.
<img src="http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m95/tyler97217/MISC%20PICS/photo4_zpsc57e7a11.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo4_zpsc57e7a11.jpg"/>

wakebordr11 06-10-2013 10:58 AM

G23 with NSS

will5150 06-10-2013 11:10 AM

Tige Z 3

timmyb 06-10-2013 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by wakebordr11 (Post 1826897)
G23 with NSS

+1 or a G25. Too steep of a face and too much height to be a Tige Z3. The Z3 puts out a nice long pocket and less ramp on the face.

mattgettel 06-10-2013 12:09 PM


Dmac420sj 06-10-2013 1:28 PM

I can't handle it!! WhAt is it??

timmyb 06-10-2013 1:32 PM

Might be an MB too...they put out a pretty mean wave when weighted down.

tyler97217 06-10-2013 1:51 PM

Can't tell you all this easily.... need more guesses.... I will tell you that there were no exposed bags. Only in compartments and under the floor. All plumbed ballast..... Quite a bit of it though and a little lead..... There were only 4 total people in the boat and one was a 105lb girl......
Keep guessing

Alleykat 06-10-2013 2:06 PM

The suspense is killing me! Looks too steep to be an Enzo? Sanger?

Dmac420sj 06-10-2013 2:43 PM


skuhleman 06-10-2013 2:56 PM

Axis A22 Loaded

timmyb 06-10-2013 2:57 PM

Can you give us some more info? Is it a wakeboard boat? Is it brand new? How many houses were wiped out due to the Tsunami after this boat went by the shore? :D

brianinpdx 06-10-2013 3:43 PM

This is funny... I have a hunch I know this boat... But I"m not saying a word... wow. What a wake.

trentj6930 06-10-2013 4:09 PM

Malibu 23 LSV.

boardman74 06-10-2013 4:52 PM

That is a killer wave...or dude is like 4 foot 6!!!!!!

psherer 06-10-2013 4:55 PM

x-10 with plug&play only

Dmac420sj 06-10-2013 4:55 PM

He's got to be at least 4'9"

polarbill 06-10-2013 5:05 PM

I am guessing nautique G23 with NSS

anketell3 06-10-2013 5:28 PM

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Supra Worlds? A video I saw with a Supra worlds had a wake like that, but they might have used bags

WakeDirt 06-10-2013 5:31 PM

Mb 23 twb

ryanw209 06-10-2013 5:52 PM

MB... and just for fun since nobody has guessed it yet I'll say a 24 tomcat

MCObray 06-10-2013 6:33 PM

Hopefully that boat in the top right didn't got swallowed by rollers.

06-10-2013 6:37 PM

Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

brianinpdx 06-10-2013 7:29 PM

Maybe the Op should post up another pic or two???? I'm surprised with all these Leet wake boaters nobody has it pegged!

zimme 06-10-2013 7:47 PM

Easy. 1952 Mark Twain.

tyler97217 06-10-2013 8:09 PM

That rider is me and a whole 5'10 & 1/2" tall. Had to slip in that 1/2"......
How about another hint........
The boat does not have any of the new 2013 Technology (i.e. NSS or Surfgate), just pure old displacement.....

Here is the next day, but THIS IS NOT THE SAME BOAT. This is the baby brother of the one above...... hint hint... so it may have a baby brother....

<img src="http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m95/tyler97217/MISC%20PICS/photo-4_zps7794c4e0.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo-4_zps7794c4e0.jpg"/>

stxr_racer 06-10-2013 8:10 PM

Bayliner and your'e a midget?:eek:

BenHolloway 06-10-2013 8:12 PM

its an MB I'm going to guess tomcats, the wave is huge but the prop wash screams no trim tab...

tn_rider 06-10-2013 8:26 PM

A22 and A20

rexlex01 06-10-2013 10:18 PM


kris123 06-10-2013 11:51 PM

I have no idea. Many reply I can see..What's the exact?

cwb4me 06-11-2013 3:54 AM

U.S.S. Kennedy? That's a big wake. Maybe a Mailbu MXZ 24.

zacharoo 06-11-2013 5:01 AM

The Space Shuttle! :D

I'm going to guess Malibu LSV and the little bro pic's an VLX.

surffresh 06-11-2013 5:05 AM

agreed, Tomcats and the little bro F21 doesn't have a tab

tyler97217 06-11-2013 6:42 AM

Ok..... Next hint.... The first pic is a model year 2012... The second boat (baby brother) is a model year 2008. Did all the boats above have a baby brother in 2008?

tn_rider 06-11-2013 6:57 AM

Knocks axis out for sure.

tn_rider 06-11-2013 6:57 AM

And G23

wakebordr11 06-11-2013 7:10 AM

Superair 230 and 210 respectively
RZ4, RZ2

trentj6930 06-11-2013 7:10 AM

Ok, Its a 247 LSV and then the 23LSV. And I think the first boat is new to the owner!

Am I close?

tyler97217 06-11-2013 7:22 AM

Ok we can settle and call it Big Bu and Middle bu....
The wave was huge and long behind the big bu.... 2012 247LSV with some lead, enzo bag all plumbed, and 4 people in the boat

trentj6930 06-11-2013 7:26 AM

What do I win? Please not a ride with Brandon and Jeremy......then I would have lost!

you_da_man 06-11-2013 7:36 AM

I hear the goofy side is good as well on both the 247 and 23 LSV

tyler97217 06-11-2013 7:43 AM

@ Is it summer yet - You win the spoiler award!!!! you are stuck riding with Brandon and Jeremy for sure now.
@A.J. West - Not sure if Brandon surfed the starboard side yet on his 247. We did on the 23LSV and it was better than the port side, but both sides were good.

shane97210 06-11-2013 8:07 AM

5'10.5" ?!! That is Restad math guy!!

tyler97217 06-11-2013 8:19 AM

That is why I through in the half inch. He taught me well! What I lose in height, I make up in belly.

you_da_man 06-11-2013 8:21 AM


Originally Posted by tyler97217 (Post 1827162)
@ Is it summer yet - You win the spoiler award!!!! you are stuck riding with Brandon and Jeremy for sure now.
@A.J. West - Not sure if Brandon surfed the starboard side yet on his 247. We did on the 23LSV and it was better than the port side, but both sides were good.

I think I recall Stanley (aka: Wheelhouse) saying the goofy was better on his 247 setup. I couldn't imagine a wave being bigger/better than the one above on the goofy side. Would be killer but I hear the 247 does take some serious weight to get that massive wave. Next season I'll be looking for a more surf specific boat than wakeboard. Malibu 247, Centurion 244 (right hand rotation maybe because I'm goofy), or Tige Z3.

joebob 06-11-2013 8:34 AM

Look's good, may have to jump on that hill. That sac is not the enzo, It's known as the Dong Sack.

Alleykat 06-11-2013 8:50 AM

And we have a winner......LOL. Nice call Trent. Good thread. It's my boat.

If you go through the Wakesurfing forum I had a fairly long thread in there about my boat shopping process. It had alot of good info on who thought which boat was the right one for a dedidcated surf boat. The pics don't lie. "THAT WAVE IS A MONSTA" to quote the Wheelhouse. Sometimes the way a wave "looks" can be decieving, but no joke that thing will make your back leg sore because you are constantly on the BRAKES. Push is just plain retarded. There were a few in this thread that rode it that day and I know they will atest.

As far as it taking a ton of wieght....I wouldn't really say that it's excessive. 1 custom made "DONG" style sac, 450lbs of lead, factory system full except for front tank 1/2 full, 4 people and a large 15" 2315 Acme prop <(key here). Actually its effortless to setup. Hit the factory fill and the two Johnsons for the "DONG" and BAM ! Your leanin. NO EXPOSED BAGS anywhere. That was one of my main goals with this boat. I wanted a mackin wave with no draggin bags out.

I have not checked the goofy side yet, but plumbing and bags are there. I will bet in typical Malibu fashion it will be a bit longer and take a skosh less wieght to make the same wave.

Surprisingly also , that wave you see in the first pic really doesn't care where people sit throughout the boat. We were all around and about with no real change to the wave.

Still wondering at this point.....Who needs flaps, tabs and A deep V?

shane97210 06-11-2013 9:06 AM

That wave was the biggest i have ever ridden, HUGE! (with the exception of a 32' friggen yacht) Thanks for the pulls LaBrandon! A couple of times i thought i was done and it would just push me back, even from what seemed a mile back. Here is a pic of me messing around waiting for all the idiots to stop playing around on the massive tidal wave behind us with their Bayliners and Jet skiis.

<a href="http://s89.photobucket.com/user/sschmitt31/media/image2_zps2a010996.jpeg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k232/sschmitt31/image2_zps2a010996.jpeg" border="0" alt=" photo image2_zps2a010996.jpeg"/></a>

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