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11-13-2009 12:48 PM

1. Would you be interested in covered, secure boat storage within a mile of the public boat launch? <BR> <BR>2. What would you feel is a reasonable monthly storage fee? <BR> <BR>3. Are there other things you would like to have available at your boat storage ie power, water etc?

dhcomp 11-13-2009 1:04 PM

I don't live up there, but add large ICE MACHINE to your list of ammenities. Low cost (just add power and water), and you'll have LOTS of happy customers! <BR> <BR>Make the ice free to all who store there

kbob 11-13-2009 1:43 PM

Pull through storage buildings for those that don't want the hassle of backing a trailer. Good lighting in the stalls for when working on stuff at night. Paved roads so people can keep their stuff clean. Wide stalls so you can easily walk around when the boat is in there. Have a way to make sure the doors stay open and the wind doesn't catch them and slam against your truck or boat! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0> I don't have any of that but I also only pay $70 a month so I can't complain <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kbob on November 13, 2009)

you_da_man 11-13-2009 1:58 PM

^^^Roll-up garage doors solves all that. My storage unit has 12'x14' roll-up door (no need to take down the tower with heavy speakers). The entire facility is concrete including inside the unit with 1.5" tall raised concrete floor so no wind driven rain/water will go inside the unit. My unit also has 2 separate outlets (one towards the front and one towards the rear), and two hanging fluorescent lights (the long tube kind). I pay $85 per month. Oh, I like that my unit uses a tube lock and gives the me option of adding additional locks. <BR> <BR>I think roll-up doors is nice. I think an covered area, maybe large enough for 2-3 boats/tow vehicles, with a trash can would be nice to wipe down/clean the boat before storage would be cool...along with an ice machine <BR>(Message edited by you_da_man on November 13, 2009) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by you_da_man on November 13, 2009)

huskykr 11-13-2009 2:07 PM

If I could get storage like A.J. describes for under $100 per month in that location, I'd be in. Key features being secure, door size and power in a unit that is big enough for the boat with tower up.

bill_airjunky 11-13-2009 3:27 PM

Wow, land just get really cheap in Issaquah? <BR> <BR>Gooood luck.

phenom_1819 11-13-2009 4:03 PM

When I lived in Seattle, I was blown away at the cost of storage... for indoor storage with electricity, in my search, it was near impossible to find anything for under $250-300/mo. The public storage places in Bellevue and Issaquah or anywhere near water wanted even more... and that was 5-6 years ago! I ended up storing the boat in the biggest POS storage facility ever... 30-40 minutes away in Auburn, for $140/mo. I still felt like that was ridiculous, but compared to Bellevue/Issaquah, it was a bargain. I bring this up, because it's all a matter of priorities, convenience, and disposable income. Problem is, so many around Lake Sammamish put a premium on convenience and have high disposable income. <BR> <BR>I wouldn't think that Wakeworlders (defined by me as: individuals who are significantly more enthusiastic about watersports than the general population and make sacrifices in their personal lives in order to afford their chosen lifestyle) would be your primary market for high-end storage... My guess is your target market is the Microsoft-type weekend-warriors with plenty of disposable income, who just bought their first boat on impulse because it seems like a fun way to blow some cash (and yes, I am aware that makes me sound like a wakeboarding snob... so be it). <BR> <BR>To answer your questions: <BR>1. I don't fit your criteria of being a Lake Samm boater. But if I did live in Issaquah and boated on Lake Samm, I still would not... as I would find a house with storage or a garage that would fit my boat because that is my first priority. If I didn't have that option, I would get creative and make friends with somebody with a big-enough garage. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> <BR>2. Per my post, reasonable is relative... if it is really nice and convenient, I would imagine you could get away with $300-400/mo. But like I said, I would never pay that. <BR>3. I would want the basics -- power, a garden hose attachment nearby, access at ANY time, and surveilance (preferably live surveilance, but video cams are better than nothing). Additionally, if I were in that market, I would love to have the option of a monthly service add-on in which one could call ahead and have the boat completely ready to go, fueled and all... and cleaned and put away at the end of the day. <BR> <BR>Good luck with your new venture, should you choose to pursue it!

majestic 11-13-2009 6:10 PM

I am a Lake Sammamish boater and I love the Idea but I would not pay more than $200 to $250 per month. The only thing I would like is power to keep the batteries charged.

rhombus 11-13-2009 6:22 PM

I paid $125/mo this summer for secure non-covered storage. But it was within 1 mi of the lake. Security and convienence are most important. after that, it would be nice to have covered spaces. i usually wipe down my boat at my house in Issaquah, but i cannot keep it there (HOA regs) for more than 48 hours, so i really just need the location and security.

hdchapman 11-15-2009 5:49 PM

Mark, <BR>I live in Sammamish and the boat storage options in the area are horrible. I would love to find covered secure storage. I think $130-150.00 month would be reasonable. If you end up doing something please put me on your waiting list. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Heath

11-16-2009 9:35 AM

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Heath, I'll make sure I give you a shout if we pull the trigger.

koolmoe 02-05-2010 2:01 AM

1) YES <BR>2) $150 - $200 <BR>3) Fuel Pump, Fresh Water Access, Ice Machine, Contracts with Marine Services such as detailers, winterizing, oil changes ect. And most importantly, security. <BR> <BR>I am in Issaquah and I would jump on it in a heartbeat if you open it up.

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