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zboomer 07-19-2005 1:40 PM

Just bought a cheap sorta banged-up LF Evo wakeboard, and need to see if anyone has any fins they've removed from their LF board, and stashed? <BR> <BR>I know most of you experts toss the fins, but I don't like my boards that loose yet. Plus I plan to use this to have around for newbies, etc. (To keep them off my new Substance, heheh) <BR> <BR>I think it uses the medium-long LF fins, same as a Trip, and various other LF boards. <BR> <BR>I'd love for you to give them to me, but I'll pay a little. Hell, only paid $25 for the board so don't want to pay much, heheh.

cocheese 07-19-2005 3:38 PM

I have a set that came off a LF Flight. They are the cheap looking yellow stater fins. I think they are a 1.9. They don't have any writing on them. You pay the shipping and they are yours. email me at <a href="mailto:robert@happytatts.com">robert@happyta tts.com</a>

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