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ridn9high 03-19-2004 11:07 AM

and everything else is floating in the south delta. <BR> <BR>Went out yesterday evening and headed to victoria. Well after going through the 5 MPH area we looked down the slough and as far as an eye could see there was debre all the way down. It was from one side of the slough to the other. <BR>Guess what, I didn't board victoria last night. <BR>Also when i fell there was a 8 foot log floating next to me. <BR>Just wanted to give you all the heads up

jetgofish 03-19-2004 12:23 PM

Pretty typical this time of year, specially with the higher tides from run off and the extra pull of water going into the Delta-Mendota canal! Time to be extra cautious!

wakelvr 03-19-2004 1:13 PM

Anyone know about Tracy Oasis and/or Old River? <BR> <BR>Also, how is it north of orwood up past Railroad? <BR> <BR>Thanks for the heads up.

ltw235 03-19-2004 1:17 PM

Well Mike, you can consider yourself fortunate because it wasn't an 8 foot "alligator" floating next to you....

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