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pesos 08-21-2010 11:10 AM

Rush Limbaugh: nonprofits are lazy bloodsucking rapists
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“Bunch of lazy idiots. Many of them don’t want to really work. Non-profits siphon contributions, as their salaries and so forth, and think of themselves as good people, charitable people. I mean, these people are rapists, in terms of finance and economy.”

“I never met anybody at a nonprofit didn’t care about money. People at nonprofits care as much about money as anybody else does, except they don’t work for it. They beg for it. They feed off of others. They’re like the US government, except they can’t print their money. They’re bloodsuckers!”

lifetimewarranty 08-21-2010 1:18 PM

Sounds about right! Thanks for posting this Wes. I didn't think you were a dittohead!!!lol

pesos 08-21-2010 1:30 PM

Lol, you're gonna throw in with this tool? You think churches are bloodsucking rapists?

08-21-2010 1:49 PM

When it comes to non profit organizations, I have always said this. They always start with a decent goal in mind and when the goal has been reached or has passed, they always become more radical in order to secure funding. They have to. They are like anyone else. They have built an organization and they all want to stay employed.

wake77 08-21-2010 2:44 PM

Yeah, real classy. The organizers of Make A Wish foundation are a bunch of lazy idiots. Same with the United Way.

pesos 08-21-2010 2:48 PM

I drove by one of my client's construction sites the other day - all those Habitat for Humanity volunteers were rapin' errbody out there!


08-21-2010 6:09 PM


lifetimewarranty 08-22-2010 2:39 PM

Wellst, I've heard a lot of questionable things regarding united way. Make a wish seems ok...and many churches have issues. I remember one local church leader starting a pyramid scheme. Dude was rollin S class mercedes living high on the hog. So, yes. Churches too.

The guy I worked with was trying to get me on board and I just kept pointing out who (in God's name) would live like that sucking off his congregation so blatantly.

It does seem a lot like delta said - they all start nobly enough...then human nature kicks in and the top dogs want their just rewards...

Speaking of bloodsucking...Bloodsource keeps calling me and calling me!!!lol. Guess they want so suck some more out of me. And yes, I do give regularly.

And I'm just messing with you Wes. I think Rush is an entertainer. And a good one (look at his bank account...)

pesos 08-22-2010 3:04 PM

Haha touche!

bflat53212 08-23-2010 10:34 AM

I am not sure why you care so much Wes what Rush has to say. I actually don't care to listen to him all that long or all that often. That being said, one thing I do know about him and those who actually know him repeatdly say, he is a very sarcastic person. Most of what he says on his show is tongue-and-check in order to get a reaction, because he is an entertainer. Something that always seems to get lost on the perpetually irate. Do you really think, he thinks, all non-profits are bloodsuckers? Of course not, otherwise he wouldn't donate money. However, to be blind to the fact that there are those organizations out there that match his description would be foolish in my opinion.

wakecumberland 08-23-2010 12:02 PM

Skubz, excellent analysis....DITTO!

three6ty 08-23-2010 2:44 PM

United Way - Non profit- The CEo makes $400K + a year plus pension and other perks!!! http://tech.mit.edu/V112/N9/united-way.09w.html

All you need to know about Big churches and the men who run them. ALL non-Profit

three6ty 08-23-2010 2:46 PM

Oops copied the wrong one for United way. That was an Article from back in 1992. Well it proves my point even more. Tha Salary back in 1992 is even more outrageous.

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