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wakeslife 08-17-2005 4:59 PM

I can consistently land shuvits, and a couple different variations of heelside (body facing the boat- i think its frontside)boardslides and lipslides. My problem is doing toeside (backside??) boardslides. I skate behind a Sea-Doo and can't seem to hold this trick. I either fall on my face or slide into the center of wake; I cant stay in that twisted position very long at all. Thanks to anyone who replies with some tips>

fitz 08-17-2005 5:43 PM

try not to lean against rope and stay over the top of your board, turn rope down to help with rotation and look between arm pit and to rotate out push handle towards wake to rotate back out. Hope this helps.

wakeslife 08-17-2005 9:01 PM

What exactly do you mean when you say "turn rope down"?? Thanks

just_board 08-17-2005 9:56 PM

it is hard to stay in that position, but what i used to do wrong is i was leaning back to far, cuz on a wakeboard i just lean as much as i can and ride my toeside edge, but i've found on a skate it's much much easier to not lean as far and keep your weight centered over the board and your feet spread out..sorry if i misunderstood your post, it was a bit confusing, stick with it!

fitz 08-18-2005 4:25 PM

what i mean is normal hand position with the rope in your hand your knuckles are facing up , by turning rope down your knuckles are facing the water . If turning the handle a complete 180 feels to uncomfortable , turn the handle only 90 degrees so the handle is perpindicular to the water (handle ends are facing up & down). sorry about that i had a feeling it would be hard to understand.

wakeslife 08-18-2005 5:31 PM

Ok, thanks. I totally understand now. I'll give these tips a try.

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