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hydrotek 11-14-2003 9:36 PM

i have last years belmont in a 141 biolite. its been ridden once, no sliders and no scratches. i also have the blue ultras on it in a size large that have been ridden once as well. i have to sell this so the first $275 plus freight takes it all!!!

hydrotek 11-17-2003 12:25 PM

okay, i may even be willing to cover freight. I HAVE to get rid of this asap. its in excellent/new condition

hydrotek 12-08-2003 6:50 AM

this stuff is like brand new, how bout 225 and ill cover freight. its in mint condition but my friend just had his 4th acl surgery on his left knee. yeah, thats right, 4th tear! but he didnt do it riding and is being forced to give everything up. he only rode once this entire summer cuz he had it done last winter.

harryhog 12-08-2003 6:59 AM

i live in england so wondering if you'd want to pay for it to get over here for the $225?

hydrotek 12-08-2003 8:46 AM

i wouldnt pay for all of it but since i work for a major freight company who shipes internationally, i bet i could get a great deal on shipping for you..

luchog 12-08-2003 4:56 PM

do you have any idea what freight charges to argentina would be???

hydrotek 12-09-2003 2:54 PM

i can check and see today. look back here first thing in the morning or later today.

harryhog 12-09-2003 3:45 PM

yeah same for freight charges for england if you can. <BR> <BR>cheers <BR>harry

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