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ReSession 08-19-2013 9:13 AM

Testing out the new line of Wake Wood Wakesurf Boards
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I had heard a rumor that a buddy of mine had started building his own wakesurf board out of wood...and yesterday I received an out-of-the-blue text message from him saying he was in town with 4 boards and wanted to know if I'd like to test them out? I couldn't say no!

These are really fun boards and he's still playing around with traction pads and fin configuration, but they are super nice to look at and fun to ride! They range from 6-7 lbs (hollow to help reduce weight), and have a layer of thin glass over the top. He said they made up of about 24 individual pieces sandwiched together, and they're made in New England (shaped in VT, glassed in MA).

I recommended he go with Agenda traction pads, so we'll be seeing that change coming soon. The boards ride surprising well, although they do have a tendency to pearl a little easier due to the difference in buoyancy. With that said, I'm a bit more of an aggressive rider (mainly ride my Inland Surfer Flyboy and KF Surf models), but would be great for beginner to intermediate riders!

I'll get some videos posted up but if you're looking for a custom, hand-crafted board that makes for a great discussion piece as well, I'd be happy to put you in touch with the guys! They are going to start custom-building for the public next Spring, according to my buddy.

Anyway, thought they were worthy enough for sharing here!

zap 08-19-2013 10:09 AM

Works of Art!

timmyb 08-19-2013 10:24 AM

Beautiful boards! Thanks for sharing with us. Why Agenda and not Hydro Turf? I was at the EWT stop in Colorado and all of the people with Agenda were applying wax to their traction pads because it wasn't sticky enough. I haven't had that happen with Hydroturf but I haven't ridden the Agenda either.

ReSession 08-19-2013 1:45 PM

Timmyb - I had thought that Agenda bought out Hydro Turf but reading this article, sounds like they're still 2 different companies? I'll definitely pass on Hydro Turf as an option as well, I actually have one of their traction pads on my Inland Surfer Flyboy and love it!


bruizza 08-19-2013 1:52 PM

A girl who rides with us a lot is headed to VT to ride with the guys who made these this weekend. Pretty stoked to hear some more feedback.

timmyb 08-19-2013 3:22 PM

Interesting Greg, I had no idea. Maybe it's the same product and those that were putting wax on were just crazy.

BenHolloway 08-19-2013 3:56 PM

Its basically the same product, the foam compound may be different but I doubt it. Agenda takes the hydro turf "cut diamond" sheets and cuts out a little more material in a straight line pattern, afterwards they cut the shapes out and bond the kick tails on then add the adhesive backing. Pretty simple but no one else was doing yet... you can order sheet turf with the 3m backing and cut it yourself but speaking from experience I think the agenda stuff is a little more grippy due to the extra cuts... Maybe someone from agenda is on here and can give out the full details...

Chaos 08-19-2013 4:18 PM

Agenda's traction is made by Hydroturf, using HT standard material. Agenda also gets some pads made overseas, or has in the past.
Agenda does not literally cut their own pads. Agenda assumed the wake end of HT's business.


sd_wakesports 08-19-2013 5:05 PM

I'm one of the owners of AGENDA and I was the gentleman that started the wakesurf project for HT several years ago.Anyone with questions can PM or send an email my way at: dave@agendasurf.com
Basically in a nut shell AGENDA is the flagship brand and platform for HT to service the wakesports industry starting in 2012.



tahoesurfer 08-19-2013 8:17 PM

Great looking boards. Its cool to see somebody making them. I made my 6' redwood longboard thats solid and it is super fun to ride. Hopefully people will take interest in them.

WakeWoodSurf 08-19-2013 9:01 PM

Thanks Greg, looking forward to getting another session in with you in a few weeks.

I'm one of the owners of Wake Wood and we are really proud of how these boards are turning out. We are just starting to launch the brand and have gotten great feedback so far. Our website is up but still under some heavy construction. Should have online ordering available in the next few weeks. If your interested in a board we do have a few in stock, but they are going fast.

As Greg mentioned we are still playing with a few traction options. Seems to be vary much of personal preference. We are looking into the Agenda traction, but also offering a few other options such as Monster Paint (clear spray on epoxy/grit system that was developed for SUP boards), Skimboard arch bars (used in combo with Monster Paint). Ultimately we want the customer to be able to choose from a few different options. Or get it raw and track it out yourself.

We just built a shop and all the equipment is starting to come to life so look for a few new shapes in the coming weeks.

A special thanks goes out to Keith Natti at Twin Lights Glassing in Gloucester who has been helping us out with the glass work while we were busy banging nails on our new digs for the past few months. Keith is one of the best in the industry and his work is impeccable.



ragboy 08-19-2013 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by timmyb (Post 1839865)
Beautiful boards! Thanks for sharing with us. Why Agenda and not Hydro Turf? I was at the EWT stop in Colorado and all of the people with Agenda were applying wax to their traction pads because it wasn't sticky enough. I haven't had that happen with Hydroturf but I haven't ridden the Agenda either.

People were def putting wax on the traction, and the reason is to make it stickier, that is correct. But not because Agenda is not as sticky as something else, or they would just get something else. If I remember, Agenda gave out wax and so more people that normal were using that technique. RJ will do that sometimes when practicing or doing a lot of air 180s or tricks like that.

Chaos 08-20-2013 9:36 AM

It is very much as Robert said. First all foam traction is essentially made of the same material (EVA). It varies is densities and other properties, but it is still EVA. The surface cuts range from pretty standard shapes, angles and heights to very specific proprietary patterns. The surface as well as density does have an effect on the feel, which could be translated over to 'grippiness' or 'stickiness'....

Surfers generally only use rear stomp pads, and wax forward for many reasons from coverage, to simple tradition, and the grip properties of waxes. Waxes are without a doubt 'stickier' than EVA traction. Most surfers wax their stomp pads as well.

In wakesurfing, it is still a 70-30 (not scientific) split between people that allow wax on their boat. Surface traction is used on wakesurfers for this reason and simple if you sell a shiny board in a shop with no traction on it, most will have no idea what to do with it. In competitive wakesurfing we are seeing a shift, with more and more riders forgoing the upper traction pads and replacing it with wax. Nevertheless, even in years past, those in the know, would wax their traction. Yes it makes your traction dirty, yes it makes it 'ugly' after awhile, yes it might make a mess of the carpet in your boat eventually. Growing up, my childhood room had some many wax balls all over it, that my parent's eventually gave up and just decided that they dirty waxy carpet will forever stay in my room.

Squid 08-20-2013 11:53 AM

I would like to add that AGENDA also was one of our sponsors for the WWS Summer Shred Fest. Dave and Ray offered up traction for podium spots and dropped off a countless number of wax bars. As Robert was pointing out seemed most people were trying the wax out of curiosity and liking it.

No worries Timmy...we still love ya!

Squid 08-20-2013 11:59 AM

Sorry to take away from the thread.....them boards are beautiful, and im sure a lot of hrs put into them. Hope things work out and we all see them at a comp some day!

ReSession 08-22-2013 9:18 AM

Put together a quick video of riding the Wake Wood boards, super fun! Can't wait to get back out there and play with them this weekend.

<iframe width="960" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/KO2fE65Sb04" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

petrie141 08-22-2013 11:36 AM

Bravo to whoever set up the wave in that video, it looks great!

motogod77 08-22-2013 11:45 AM


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