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radikal 11-03-2012 1:53 PM

My 2008 Malibu VLX have been ROBBED ! ( Montréal )
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Hi everyone,

Today is a really sad day for me i was going to the marina to pick up my boat for winterize it and when i arrived at the dock i noticed that my 2008 Malibu VLX was not there. I felt immediately shocked and i asked the guy at the marina if he had to move it in any way ? He said '' no not at all i thought you came to pick it up already. '' With this answer i immediately knew that the worst happened and my boat have been robbed.

I know that this post will probably not help anything at all but anyway, if you heard anything suspicious about my 2008 Malibu VLX Red and Black loaded boat please i would appreciate your best cooperation because i loved my boat and i am really heartbroken today. Yes i was insured but anyway my boat is my boat.

The robbery happened approximately in mid - end September ( last time seen by the marina guy )
I went the last time first week of September
Boat where docked in Montreal South Shore ( Saint-Lambert )

He is a picture of EX-BOAT :mad::banghead:

Nordicron 11-03-2012 3:26 PM

Dang man sorry about your loss but holy smokes you ain't been on your boat since the end of sept? Maybe she left you for someone that will love her more. :)

simplej 11-03-2012 3:57 PM

dont add insult to injrury...

Anaru 11-03-2012 4:09 PM

Oh man I would be heart broken too! So sorry for your loss...

trentj6930 11-03-2012 4:57 PM

Sorry to hear about that! Good luck.

bryce2320 11-03-2012 5:35 PM

Wow, hopefully they catch the scum bag. Sorry to hear

wakebordr11 11-03-2012 7:02 PM

Was it in the water or on the trailer? I will keep watch out in Northern Vermont for ya! Shocking, sucks :(

Jmaxymek 11-03-2012 7:12 PM

Did you blur the numbers on purpose? That could help people find it.

saceone 11-04-2012 3:04 AM

Ben voyons donc!!!

My black 210 was docked at that marina 3 years ago, yacht club St Lambert. The place always looked sketchy but it is such an awesome city riding spot. Goodluck finding it, will keep my eyes opened in the 514

Now I love the Lachine marina even more!!
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brycejb328 11-04-2012 7:18 AM

one real similar on OIB right now... doubt that its it... wouldnt think the person would be that dumb

major bummer man, thats a beautiful boat

Iceberg 11-04-2012 8:08 AM

Post the HIN and any unique identifying marks. Perhaps a buyer will notice and call the authorities. Unfortunately, with no title requirements for establishing ownership in Canada, only a bill of sale, a new buyer may not know the boat is stolen. Based on the wide window of opportunity, the boat could already be out of the country.

cobra_nuggets 11-04-2012 6:51 PM


Looks like same color scheme. Trailer appears different though...

augie_09 11-05-2012 8:07 AM

Damn that sux. I am pretty sure my insurance wouldn't replace all my stuff, like gear, stereo, ballast improvements. hope yours will and hope the miscreants are brought to justice.

Was it on a lift, with no keys, and did the marina have gates going to the dock. I know these are easily bypassed but curious to what extend the thieves had to go.

wakedaveup 11-05-2012 8:23 AM

Start calling the ports, most of these guys strip them down and load stuff into containers and ship over seas.

tyler97217 11-05-2012 9:19 AM

That does suck!!! Sorry man. Keep doing what you are doing and get the word out there on the forums so people have their eyes open. This community is actually pretty big. Good luck!

wakeboardnut 11-08-2012 12:02 AM

Was this forsale on Autotrader.ca recently?

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mikeski 11-08-2012 12:04 AM


wakeboardnut 11-08-2012 12:05 AM

Never mind that boat on auto trader in mtl is an 07 and slightly different scheme.

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packrat 11-09-2012 3:44 PM

Here's a link to another Canadian boat that got stolen http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.p...rst-week-ever/
There is a lot of truth to the fact in Canada you just need a bill of sale no title. I would however compare notes with the guy with the stolen Centurion. You never know it could be the same group of thieves. You might consider Lowjack or an Extrex GPS unit hidden in your new boat if you get one. I heard about a guy who had his Jet Ski Stolen and he had planted a GPS unit in it and the Police found the Jet Ski in several hours.

radikal 11-11-2012 12:24 AM

Guys thank you for all the support and i am really thankfull for you help. I know that we are a small community and maybe i mean maybe we might be able to find something out. As soon as i got to the office on monday i will post my Hull ID and everything so everyone will be able to keep an eye open.

Thanks again


blind_pete 11-11-2012 10:02 AM

Max, sorry to hear the bad news. When you get a chance, you should log onto WWW dot the Malibu crew.com and post the same information. There are a bunch of great guys over there that will keep an eye out for you

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