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flyguy 07-14-2011 9:55 AM

Any updated ETA for the Flyboy
Anyone know if the Flyboy is still planned to be at dealers by the end of July?

trash4life 07-15-2011 8:53 AM

I too am interested to know how close it is. I pre-ordered one and can hardly wait.

ragboy 07-15-2011 11:22 AM

RJ has grown out of his flyboy. Not with talent, he is 5'11" now and he needs like a 4'8" board, he keeps shortening his stance for the flyboy and just tough for him to ride. That said, it has a crack in the heel that is being fixed and then we are going to sell it, contact me if interested. Def one of the originals.

TheSqueakyWheel 07-25-2011 11:57 AM

A little birdie told me the FBs have landed in the US, and mine is leaving the warehouse today !

wofrankwo 07-25-2011 5:37 PM

chris's flyboy is also for sale ...... one of the originals ...... definitely 1 awesome wakesurf board!! perfect condition with upgraded lil fins!! can bring to washington this weekend ........ pm if interested!!

tmill 07-25-2011 6:13 PM

whats he going to ride now?

wofrankwo 07-25-2011 8:27 PM

he has become a Shredd Stixx and Slayshtank Team Rider and right now hes riding a stock Shredd Stixx Elevation untill his custom Elevation is ready. he will be riding the stock board in washington this weekend i believe ...... hes been on the stock board 1 day and should get 3 more days on it before washington

tmill 07-26-2011 9:54 AM

that is awesome!

wofrankwo 07-26-2011 10:54 AM

yes he is stoked beyond belief!! if you go to slayshtank he has his own page and video that they shot of him when he was in texas ..... its pretty cool!!

wakewoody 07-26-2011 6:40 PM

Got an email from Inlandsurfer, said tey were shiped on monday to dealers!

trash4life 07-29-2011 8:16 PM

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Look what Santa brought me! Better late than never.
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dreamer 08-04-2011 8:16 AM

I am still waiting for my preordered flyboy. How does yours ride?

ragboy 08-04-2011 8:55 AM

I have never seen a production flyboy, except from far off. There was a prototype at the west coast open that Keenan rode and JW did an interview on our camera with one, but that is it. I saw the artist drawings and I noticed that it seemed a slightly different shape. It looked narrower, pointier. I thought that was maybe just inland artist, or my eyeballs. Looking at the picture above, this new flyboy, looks like a slightly different shape than the original.

SANY0006 by wake9, on Flickr

Full set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wake9/s...7627243604444/

Maybe its an optical illusion, but this isn't the first time I noticed this. The tail in the new one also looks elongated. I guess this may be a 2.0 shape.

SANY0003 by wake9, on Flickr

I think the P.O.V.s are identical, if you look at the distance from the wall that the bottom of my board is, and the distance from stair rail in his pic.

wakemitch 08-04-2011 10:55 AM

California Marine Sports still has a Flyboy for sale in the store.

trash4life 08-04-2011 1:09 PM


Originally Posted by dreamer (Post 1698396)
I am still waiting for my preordered flyboy. How does yours ride?

Only been able to ride it once so far and that was in choppy conditions, so I can't give the board an accurate review yet but first impressions are good. First thing I noticed was that it seemed to pearl quite easily. I remember ragboy posting about his boy having the same problem when he started out on this board and all you needed to do was narrow up your stance and you'd be fine. It took me a minute to figure out how narrow I needed to go and then it was fine. I'm not too tall(5'11'') but I did have to bring my front foot back quite a ways. Its going to take me a while to get used to riding this way but the board has potential.

ragboy 08-04-2011 1:27 PM

If you look at the picture on the above board of RJs, you will see that he had to put his traction on the absolute rear edge of the board. RJ is 5'11" now, and its too hard for him to continually narrow his stance, so he is moving on from the board. If there was a 4.7 or 4.8 I am sure that he would feel more comfortable. Maybe they will have a second size in the future.

buzzardmountainz 08-04-2011 2:12 PM

What are the specs on the Flyboy? I can't find them anywhere.

I'm 5'11 200lbs...intermediate rider.

ragboy 08-04-2011 2:42 PM

There is some good info here that may help you...


Once RJ fixed his traction, he loved the board. But he has grown like a weed, and now its too much work for him to keep his stance narrow, he is now 5'11", and was probably 5'9" at that time. We also saw the same thing with several other riders behind our boat. We handed out the flyboys MANY times at the polar bear event.

I remember discussing with Jeff and Dennis that the upper weight is about 185 and the height 5'9 to 5'10" or so. Now that doesn't mean you can't ride the board outside of that. I mean Dennis can ride the original flyboy and his is 260+, but he can't do much. Still says a lot about the board that he can ride it at all.

The original flyboy is a great board, but to really take advantage you have to be reasonable close to James size and enjoy riding his style. RJ was, and loved it. For instance, RJ also likes the Hazen Custom Elevation and his new Soulcraft Jetty. He has to ride them different. Watch how James gets air, and then how Chase, Alec, and Chris K get air. The Hazen works best if you get to the back of the wake and butter the board to accelerate and launch. The Flyboy and the TWP WSM like it more if you pop to the top of the wave accelerate down and do a small bottom turn and launch. So each board works best for those different riding styles. Pick what is best for you. Each board will punish you a bit if you are outside that, since they were designed for specific riders and styles.

dennish 08-04-2011 2:54 PM

Let me clarify. I am a bit bigger than 260 more like 275. I have done 2 360's on the original Flyboy, that should count for more than " he can't do much". That being said it is not a board for big riders.

ragboy 08-04-2011 3:00 PM

Wasn't that like downwind, while holding the rope, and with the aid of helium? ;-)

I was being nice on the weight. Last time you sat on my lap, felt more like 265.

dennish 08-04-2011 3:02 PM

"Wasn't that like downwind, while holding the rope, and with the aid of helium? ;-)"

no but it was behind a Supreme V226

ragboy 08-04-2011 3:10 PM

ROTFLMAO, OK I walked RIGHT into that one. Your dead now, I am showing amy that post.

ragboy 08-05-2011 9:52 AM

Looks like the specs are up now, inland updated their site, looks great.


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