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shawnmdarnell 03-23-2011 7:36 PM

MALCO by the gallon
Went by Acme Tops and Tunes in Sacramento to pick up some more malco cleaner and asked Ben if he could order it by the gallon because i went through that little bottle so fast. He laughed and made a call and sure enough he can get it by the gallon. Here's the info if anyone is interested, thought all you cleaning fanatics would like to get in on this.

Here is a breakdown: 16oz btl = $10-13, 8btl's to make a gallon= $80-104/gallon

$30.00 for local pick up and $40-$45 shipped.

Call Ben at 916) 429-2293 or stop by Acme Tops & Tunes Inc. 6430 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95823


hatepain 03-23-2011 8:16 PM

Only way I ever get it from the local rep.

bendow 03-24-2011 4:59 AM

I've never tried Malco. Why is it so great? I heard totally awesome cleaner is essentially the same thing...any truth to that?

hatepain 03-24-2011 11:36 AM


I heard totally awesome cleaner is essentially the same thing...any truth to that?
There is speculation that it is the same but no one has fully confirmed it. It's said to work just as well but I've never tried a side by side comparison.

Why is it so great? It just flat out works so damn well. I'm a clean freak when it comes to my boat. I clean my vinyl ALL the time and would do so with Babes even throughout the day when we'd be out. I was ashamed when I used Malco out how dirty my vinyl actually was. I did a thread on it a couple years ago. Do a search for it. It was pretty funny the online stores sold out that day :)

mattscraft 03-24-2011 1:02 PM

Get a gallon here for $15.95 plus shipping. I have never used it. Is everybody sure it does not hurt the vinyl?


hatepain 03-24-2011 1:19 PM


Is everybody sure it does not hurt the vinyl?
Yes, its made for vinyl and Sparky Jay and Darren Yearsley on here have been using it for years on their boats. We have also been using it for years at our dealership.

brucemac 03-24-2011 1:47 PM

hey, quick question on the malco. how critical do you have to be rinsing it with fresh water?

hatepain 03-24-2011 3:09 PM

I don't rinse it off unless I'm doing heavy deep cleaning. I use a diluted bottle for inbetween cleanings then follow that up with a conditioner from Babes.

brucemac 03-24-2011 3:18 PM

yeah, i'm just wiping it off with a clean wet towel. sure is pretty impressive. better than equisite imo. i need to score a gallon. i bought a tester bottle from amazon and the shipping was more than the product!

hatepain 03-24-2011 3:36 PM

Get in touch with the local Rep he's here out of snohomish but goes all over. Last time I talked to him he'd sold to a lot of wake worlders.

redsupralaunch 03-25-2011 5:13 AM

About wiping off: I reviewed Material Safety Data Sheet. This product has a pH of 11-14 from addition of caustic soda.. It absolutly needs to be wiped off. Dont get it in your eyes. You will be flopping around like a fish out of water. I bet it cleans very well. Cuastic soda remove grease type staines . IMO I would not use this product on newer Supra because it will most likely remove the OEM protective coating.

acurtis_ttu 03-25-2011 6:24 AM

Like any product, definately test a hidden spot before you start using it. The place ( detail shop) where I buy mine from said they ruined the leather interior of a jag they did. It discolored the leather..appranetly it was a dyed leather. I only use the malco cleaner 2-3 times a year...I use the exqusite cleaner ( very mild) every few weeks.

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