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08-16-2010 8:08 AM

Best board for learning 180s 360s
Ok, surfing for just a year now. I have a 2011 Epic 23V and a Landlock 5'11" board. I love that board to just hang out on and play but can't do anything with it. What is the best board to start to learn 180s and 360s on?

Thought on my own

Phase 5

any other?

madmuffin 08-16-2010 6:49 PM

Hi Scott,
Not the Hyperlite Broadcast. I have this board and it is just a cruiser in my opinion. I only keep it around for larger guests needing a 5'6" board to get up on. What size are you so you can get some recommendations -

timmyb 08-17-2010 7:31 AM

There's probably not a "best" board but there are LOTS of choices that you can do spins on. First question is Surf Style or Skim style? Next question would be price range.
Go check out: http://www.towanza.com/surf-shop/wakesurf-boards and look through the boards they have and that will give you an idea of the prices. The prices are basically double what that landlock was but that's because they are real surfboards.

08-17-2010 11:10 AM

I am 6'1 170lbs.... I have NO IDEA what I am surf or skim. I just use the landlock. I want to try to learn 1s and 3s and maybe a shove or something. My big thing is I want to be able to hold speed to stay in pocket. THoughts?

gunz 08-17-2010 11:22 AM

Demo,demo,demo.....too many boards to list.At your weight the options are really endless.
Find some folks in your area that are willing to let you ride there board,find the one that is the most comfy and try it.

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