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woohoo 06-28-2006 1:31 PM

We have a 5 gallon gas can and the past two times we've filled our boat the gas comes back up and shoots over 10 feet in the air and soaks whoever fills the boat. We have checked our gas tank and we can't figure out why this happens. no extra air builds up in the tank we can't figure out why it would shoot so high in the air, any help would be great

acurtis_ttu 06-28-2006 1:42 PM

10 feet in the air???? sounds a little much. Boats don't have the backflow prevention setup that cars do, go slow when it starts to get full.

woohoo 06-28-2006 1:48 PM

I'm 6'1 and its way over my head

newman 06-28-2006 2:48 PM

Is the gas can spout still in when the gas squirts back out?

woohoo 06-28-2006 3:06 PM

At first it gurgles out slowly when it gurgles I pull it out after I pull it out about a second later it shoots up.

skibum69 06-28-2006 3:07 PM

Make sure your vent line isn't kinked or pluged, usually it comes out both the vent and fill tubes. You can install a check valve in your vent lines(maybe even fill line to solve this. I have one that works on my vent line.

denverd1 06-28-2006 4:05 PM

a check valve on the vent may actually be part of the problem. i'm sure its designed to keep gas in the tank, not sloshing out the vent. thats crazy to build up that kind of pressure from a 5 gal can

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