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xtremebordgurl 12-02-2007 9:09 AM

I'll be moving to the lake in January and am wondering if anyone knows if there is much of a scene out that way or if anyone lives out that way. Also if anyone knows anything about the area and has any tips or pointers that would be great too. Thanks a million guys/gals!

electricsnow 12-02-2007 2:11 PM

It's historical! I've never been there but a lot of important riders used to shred the gnar there, including (but not limited to) gregg necrasson...

goatroper222000 12-02-2007 2:18 PM

Call Dave Briscoe, he'll give you some killer lessons and fill you in on the area.

phantom5815 12-02-2007 2:53 PM

Melanie G could give you the 411 on that area. Shoot her a PM.

melanie_g 12-02-2007 6:53 PM

Bess, shoot me an email when you get a chance and I will give you all the info you need to know about the area. I'm not too far from Killarney, so I can give you tips on where NOT to go. <BR> <BR><a href="mailto:melaniegaylord@hotmail.com">melaniega ylord@hotmail.com</a>

xtremebordgurl 12-03-2007 1:34 PM

Thanks a bunch guys, melanie I sent you an e-mail, if there are bunch of wakeworlders down in the area I'll host a ww dinner if anyone is interested, it would be cool to get to know everyone in person. Thanks again guys!

pwrvelocity 12-03-2007 1:56 PM

Count me in, I go down to that area quite a bit, looking to be around there sometime after the New Year....

xtremebordgurl 12-04-2007 5:00 PM

Thanks a bunch everyone, when I get down there we'll defenitly have to have everyone over for dinner some night.

lostkgb78 12-04-2007 5:20 PM

Great Lake! <BR> <BR>Eat at Houston's!

phantom5815 12-04-2007 11:17 PM

Waaazabi's is down the street across the street from Winter Park Village. Houston's is alright.

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