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sparks426 06-06-2006 3:31 PM

So I decided to do a little preventative maintenance on my Sanger V-210 this weekend, and had a little trouble with the fuel filter. It has the 315 hp MPI engine if it matters. Anyways, I swapped the filter, it fired up for about 10 seconds, and died. Would not restart. Ended up having to finally take the filter back off, fill with gas, and reinstall in order to get the pump to prime. Has anyone else had this issue? I don't have a manual, but managed to find one for this motor on Gekko's site, and it didn't say anything about having to pre-fill the filter. It almost seems counter-productive to me to fill the filter with potentially dirty fuel before you even install it. Or am I looking at a potential fuel pump issue at some point in the near future?

sangerlover 06-06-2006 3:36 PM

Did you change the fuel filter down at the rail (small one) or the fuel water seperator(big one) near the water pump ?

mastercraft1995 06-06-2006 3:55 PM

Did you point the arrows the correct way on the new filter?

sparks426 06-06-2006 5:30 PM

It was the fuel water seperator, which in the one manual I found indicated was as simple as twisting the new one on. Granted, nothing is ever that easy!

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