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greenbass86 05-25-2010 4:53 PM

2006 CWB Green Flame Board
this may be the wrong section to post this in, but I was kind of curious if anyone knows where I can get a 2006 CWB Green Flame Board, please let me know. I would prefer new but if it is used that would be fine as well. Thanks

irishrider92 05-25-2010 5:54 PM

This usually works


Then try this out


greenbass86 05-25-2010 6:31 PM

yeah i have tried both of those and neither have been helpful

Walt 05-25-2010 6:42 PM

I have a used one I'd sell.

greenbass86 05-25-2010 6:55 PM

that would be awesome if you could send me some photos and pricing and all that to greenbass86@hotmail.com that would be great, my shipping zip is 51501 in council bluffs, IA

Thanks a bunch dude

jasonpav 05-25-2010 6:58 PM

That's what I ride every week at Wakesport Ranch. If you want it just for looks, I'm sure you can still find some. If you are looking for a board with similar shape go with a Pure or Absolute.

that's me riding it 15 seconds into the video

guido 05-25-2010 8:03 PM

I've got a black '06 Pure that I'd sell, too. I was just looking at a stack of wakeboards in my garage thinking it's time to off a few. Shoot me PM's if you're interested. '06 Pure 140, '07 Transcend 138, '08 Transcend Platinum 138, '09 Transcend 138.

greenbass86 05-25-2010 9:29 PM

PM sent

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